Course grades A-B-C-D-F will be recorded on the student's official transcripts with the following grades: A, B, C, D, F, I, and W, and WI. The student receives academic credits for grades of A, B, C, and D. No credit is given for F, I, and W, or WI (Withdraw due to illness).  Stockton University also uses + and - grades.  For example, a student may have an A- or a B+, C- etc. in any given semester.

  • An F symbolizes failing work and is recorded if the student fails to meet the academic standards of the instructor or otherwise fails to complete the requirements of the course.
  • An I symbolizes "incomplete." An I may be recorded if the student is unable, due to illness or emergency, to complete the necesary course work within the time provided, or, if the student requires, for valid academic reasons, additional time to complete that work. A student receiving an I in a course must satisfactorily complete the work required in that course within one term after the term in which the I grade was received, excluding the summer terms. When this is done, the I will be replaced on the transcript and a permanent grade will be recorded for that course. It is the student's responsibility to establish with the instructor a schedule for the completion of work within the one term period. If the student does not complete the work within this time, an NC (No Credit) or F will be recorded for the course, depending on the grading system applicable.
  • A W symbolizes "withdrawal." A W will be recorded if the student withdraws from college or from a course between the end of the drop/add period and the withdrawal deadline. A WI may be granted for a student who appeals late withdrawal from a course due to illness.  An appeal for a withdrawal due to illness must be filed with supporting documentation at


P/NC (Pass/No Credit) Grading
Courses graded P (Pass) or NC (No Credit) will be recorded on the student's official transcript. Such courses will not be factored into calculation of the student's GPA.

  • A maximum of 10% of Stockton credits in the P/NC mode can be applied toward Stockton graduation requirements.
  • A maximum of one course per semester can be designated in the P/NC mode.
  • A student who is on probation cannot take courses in the P/NC mode during the probation period.
  • Students must have earned 12 credits before they are eligible for P/NC mode courses.