Advanced Placement, CLEP, and Credit by Examination


Through participation in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board, a student may bring credits from high school experience. Variable credits will be granted at the freshman/sophomore level for each advanced placement exam for which a grade of 3 or higher is earned (grade must be a 4 or 5 to receive credit in Biology). Click here for a listing of acceptable subjects and scores.


  • Stockton awards credit for CLEP exams if the student achieves a minimum score of 50.  The number of credits will be granted according to the same credit value as the equivalent course at Stockton. Some CLEP exams are designed to cover more than one semester of work.
  • A list of all CLEP exams along with sample test questions is available via the College Board website.
  • The list of CLEP exams and scores is available here


  • Credits may be earned by successful performance on examinations for subjects which are part of the College's regularly scheduled course offerings. The amount of credit to be earned by successful performance on each exam shall be specified by the college examiner in advance of any examination for credit.
  • Only matriculated students are eligible for credit examinations. No examinations are given during the summer terms.
  • After a student registers for credit-by-examination, the exam must be taken by the end of the term in which the student registered for the exam. Student taking a credit exam are required to pay full course tuition and fees prior to taking the exam. Grades recorded on student transcript are "A", "B", "C", "D" or "P", depending on the grading system selected by a student before the credit examination. Credits earned by examination are identified on student transcripts. Unsuccessful attempts at credit by exam are not recorded on student transcripts.
  • The procedure details are located here

For more information about the credit by exam program, or to set up exams, students should contact the office of the Provost.