drawing of women holding hands


(A Kiswahili word meaning Unity)

  • To foster a healthy and safe space for womxn to develop solidarity, alliance  and sisterhood
  • To create structured and supportive space that integrates womxn of color into the Stockton community


(A word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to "Go back and get it")

  • To facilitate developmental and mentoring relationships between womxn in university leadership roles and young womxn aspiring to leadership
  • To provide guidance with the transition to the university, graduation and post-graduate success 


(A Swahili word meaning - Purpose)

  • To empower womxn as self and community advocates to act as catalysts for social change.
  • To help to build character, improve self-awareness, and gain confidence within one’s self.
  • To cultivate exemplary university leaders who are civically engaged


(A Swahili word meaning - Wellness/Health)

  • To support and promote lifestyles that are consistent with healthy holistic wellness
  • To support womxn at risk and experiencing difficulties with mental and emotional health