Our Acknowledgement

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We recognize that folks who identify as women of color represent and embody a wide range of identities and life experiences. By identifying as women of color and creating an agency dedicated to women of color, we are not claiming that women of color are equal or the same; rather, we are connecting based on one aspect of the many pieces of our identities. Guided by an anti-oppression framework that acknowledges intersectionality, our work is also based on the use of cultural humility and the understanding that we are committed to being lifelong learners with critical self-reflection. We will recognize and challenge power imbalances, build respectful partnerships, and uphold institutional accountability on micro, meso, and macro levels.

(Adopted from Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for Women of Color)



Dr. Nicole Milan-Tyner

Shedia R. Laguer 

Dianne Stalling 

Jessica Grullon

Destiny Talley

Dr. Beverly Vaughn

Dr. Maralyn Mason

Dr. Ariane Newman

Dr. Donnetrice Allison

Netesha Peterson

Patricia Collins