Summer Sessions

Choose Stockton this Summer!

Stockton's summer sessions are open to current students enrolled in degree programs, non-matriculated students and students currently enrolled at other institutions who wish to study during their summer break and transfer Stockton credits.

From chemistry and calculus to web design and marketing, Stockton's summer sessions offer more than 300 courses with 200+ online. Think outside the classroom with independent study and faculty-led research opportunities.

Summer 2023 Academic Calendar

May 15 - June 22 ( MTWR)

Session 1 - (6 weeks)

May 15 - July 24 (MW or TR)

Session 2 - (10 weeks)

June 26 - August 7 (MTWR)

Session 3 - (6 weeks)

May 15 - August 7

Session 4 - (12 weeks)
Independent Studies & Internships

Summer Courses

Select from a wide variety of courses that can hasten completion of the requirements of your degree program or lighten your course load during the fall and spring. Registration opens Jan. 13, 2023.