Stockton Atlantic City Summer Experience: Live-Work-Learn

Live Work Learn 24

A unique opportunity for Stockton students to


Live at Stockton's Atlantic City Campus on the Boardwalk for free in the summer.


Work for one of our participating program partners in Atlantic City, earn wages, and gain valuable job experience.


Learn by completing a pre-program orientation and career readiness online training sessions.

To be eligible for this program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled at Stockton full-time as an undergraduate student (cannot be graduating Spring of 2024)
  • Good academic standing (above a 2.0 GPA)
  • Good standing with the Dean of Students Office
  • No academic or Bursar-related holds on account

NOTE: If you are a student transferring into Stockton for the Spring 2024 semester, you may recieve a notice of ineligibility when you apply.  This is because as a newly transferred student to Stockton, you will not have an official GPA until the end of the Spring semester.  You should email and we will work with you to gain eligibility.

Eligible students must also obtain employment through one of our program partners to be considered for admittance. 

For more information about holds, please visit Account Holds

For any questions regarding your standing with the Office of Student Conduct, please contact

Program dates for Summer of 2024:

May 15, 2024- August 10, 2024 

The application will be on this page when it launches.

  • Students who do not apply during the application cycle are not eligible for the program.
  • Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • Students who participated in the program last year must still submit an application for participation in the Summer of 2024 term.
    • Program participation in a previous summer term does not guarantee a student's eligibility to participate in the forthcoming summer term. 

Summer 2024 Information Session coming soon.

Please be sure to visit the Summer Housing website and view the FAQ section to address some common questions: If you still have housing-related questions, contact Residential Life by emailing

Yes, students are required to live at the Atlantic City Housing Complex as a part of this program.

Students admitted to the program do not need to complete a separate summer housing application. The summer housing contract will act as the housing application which eligible student’s sign when applying to the Live-Work-Learn program.

Yes, students may request a roommate; however, these requests are not guaranteed. Please complete the Summer Housing Preference Form. This form will ask you to confirm your session dates for the summer, confirm your housing style preferences, and provide a section to request roommates. If requesting a roommate, please be sure to connect with them prior to completing the form to ensure they have applied for summer housing or have an active 12-Month Contract.

Students must move out by August 10th 2024 at 12:00 noon or be subject to fines.

There are no meal plans offered during the summer term. However, students can take advantage of the Osprey Card program by adding “dining dollars” to your student ID. These funds can be unrestricted, so that you can make purchases at on campus and off campus businesses that participate in the program.

We encourage students to ask their employers any questions related to their job.

Students are responsible for gaining employment as a part of this program. Students are responsible for all steps of the hiring process that their prospective employer may require them to complete. The Live-Work-Learn program does not have a role in the hiring process with the employers. It is the responsibility of the student to gain and accept employment for the summer program. Employers will verify with Stockton which students have accepted summer jobs as a part of the Live-Work-Learn program.

Interviews will be offered at the Galloway and Atlantic City campuses. Not all the employers will participate in these on-campus recruitment events. More information about this event is coming soon.

Some positions with certain employers may require licensing and/or union affiliation. This would be indicated in the position description. Some employers may cover the costs associated with the licensing, such as a casino or gaming license. It is recommended that students ask the employer if they will cover any licensing costs.

The last day students may secure and accept a position with an employer for this program is April 10, 2024. Students who do not secure employment by April 10, 2024, are not eligible for the program.

Stockton will provide information on the positions offered by employers for the program. Program employers will be invited to participate in on-campus employment fairs held at the Galloway and Atlantic City campuses. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain employment.

Students must find their own transportation to go to work. No transportation is provided by Stockton University. Students will be encouraged to use city public transportation or utilize the bike share program located in the AC residential complex.

Students taking vacations must get this approved by their employer at least three weeks ahead of time or whatever the employer’s policy states. If the vacation does not affect the student’s employment, their participation in the asynchronous course, or their ability to attend the mandatory program orientation, it would not affect their status in the program. Students are also encouraged to inform employers of any pre-planned vacation, PRIOR to accepting any position, to ensure here is no conflict with the employer’s expectations of your summer work schedule.

Unless the employer offers to cover your housing charges prior to your official start of work, students will be responsible for their housing charges at the standard summer rate ($30 / day) until the day they begin working for their employer.

The employer and position you accept as a part of the Live-Work-Learn program is the employer you must keep in order to remain in the program. If there are extenuating circumstances, which prohibit your ability to remain working in that position, we advise you to contact your employer’s HR department and see if you may request a transfer. Please keep in mind that this is not guaranteed and is subject to the employer’s policies and procedures.

Students who are no longer working for their summer employer are no longer eligible to participate in the Live-Work-Learn program. If the student chooses to remain in Stockton’s housing, the student will be responsible for all housing charges at the standard summer rate starting the day they are released from employment. The student will also no longer be enrolled in the course and ineligible to earn credits or badges.

Students accepted into the program are required to select and successfully complete three of the six workshops.  The workshops are free and students will earn digital badges.  All students, whether new to the program or returning students are required to complete three workshops.

Once a student's job is confirmed by the employer, the student will be provided access to the workshops.  The workshops must be completed by May 15th, 2024.

Failure to complete three workshops within the allotted date/time will make the student ineligible to continue in the program.

For more information about the learning component, please view the Learn box above on this page.

A badge is a micro-credential that highlights a skill you learned in the Live, Work, Learn course. Badges are tied to specific skills assessments. Badges are awarded through a badging software that allows you to display your skills for employers to see either though a link on your resume or on social media. The employers will be able to see the skill, details on how it was assessed, and verify that you earned the badge. Badges are a great way to market your skills to future employers.

Each training module is approx. 1 hour in length.  Students will be provided access to begin completing the workshops after the employer has confirmed their summer employment.  The workshops are to be completed by May 15th, 2024.

Each workshop module will include assessment tools that will automatically grade as you complete them.  You must receive a passing grade on each of the assessment tools in order to successfully complete the workshops.  Students may repeat the workshop if needed in order to pass the assessment tools.  Badges are earned based on successful completion of particular skills assessments highlighted in each of the workshops.

Students must successfully complete at least three of the six workshops to meet the badging requirements.  Failure to complete the badging requirements by the deadline date of May 15, 2024 will make students ineligible for the Live-Work-Learn program.  Ineligible students will be released from the program and responsible for their housing charges at the standard summer rate.

  1. Students must submit an application of interest for the program. Then, students must email with their current position title, employer name, Z#, and full name. Admittance is not guaranteed.
  1. Submit an application of interest for notice of your eligibility.
  2. If eligible, obtain a summer position with an employer for this program.
  3. Notify the Office of Global Engagement of your employment and complete a CPT/OPT authorization in order to be cleared to work as a part of this program. International students cannot start working until the CPT/OPT authorization is completed.
  4. The Office of Global Engagement will assist you in completing this CPT/OPT authorization.


Students who are in the Transfer Pathways Program at Atlantic-Cape Community College are eligible to apply to the program.  To be eligible you must:

1. Be scheduled to graduate from Atlantic-Cape  Community College in Spring 2024 with as Associates degree.

2.  Confirm your pending enrollment at Stockton.

3.  Provide proof of your tuition deposit at Stockton for Fall 2024.

Students who are in the Transfer Pathways Program at Ocean County College are eligible to apply to the program.  To be eligible you must:

1. Be scheduled to graduate from Ocean County College in Spring 2024 with as Associates degree.

2.  Confirm your pending enrollment at Stockton.

3.  Provide proof of your tuition deposit at Stockton for Fall 2024.

Students must apply to the program by first completing the application of interest form. If eligible, students will be prompted to review and sign the Live-Work-Learn program agreement and Residential Life summer housing contract, which both articulate the terms of the program and housing contract. Eligible students will receive an email confirming   Eligible students must secure employment with one of the Live-Work-Learn summer employers to be admitted to the program. This involves completing job application(s) and participating in an interview(s).  Students who do not obtain employment are not eligible for the program.

Students with holds on their account are not eligible to participate in the program until the account hold is cleared.

Yes, students may return to participate in the program again if they are eligible, apply, and obtain acceptable employment.

No, this program is only available to currently enrolled students at Stockton University.

Students who are graduating Summer of 2024 are still eligible to participate in the program.

Students who graduate in the Spring of 2024 are no longer eligible for the program.

Students may participate if their GPA is above a 2.0 and remains above a 2.0 for the remainder of the program.

Students may submit an application of interest when the application cycle opens on February 12, 2024 through March 20, 2024.

There are no costs to participate if you are accepted into this program. The housing and course charges are free to the student.  Students will be responsible for their food transportation, and other personal expenses for the summer.


Live Work Learn Summer 2024 Jobs

Click the button below each logo to view available jobs for each location.




*Note* You will receive instructions on how to apply for these jobs AFTER you are deemed eligible through the program application open on February 19th.

Bally's Atlantic City


Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa


Caesars Atlantic City


Club Boardwalk Resorts

Club Boardwalk Resorts



Ocean Casino Resort

Ocean Casino Resort

Resorts Casino Hotel


Tropicana Atlantic City

Tropicana Atlantic City

Mighty Writers

Mighty Writers - Atlantic City

Chelsea Economic Development

Chelsea Economic Development Corporation

Ducktown CDC

Ducktown Logo

Golden Nugget Atlantic City

Golden Nugget Atlantic City

Midtown in Motion

Midtown Logo



Evolution Logo

ESports Innovation Center

ESports Logo


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Contact Information 

Brian K. Jackson
COO, Atlantic City Campus

Alex C. Marino
Director of Academic Operations, Atlantic City Campus

Nicholas Musitano

Academic Support Specialist, Office of the Provost, Galloway Campus

For general inquiries about the Live-Work-Learn program, please contact: