Bike Share

The Stockton University (SU) bike program is a bike share system thatbikestockton has been designed to support the sustainability initiative found in the University's strategic plan.  The bike program also promotes health and physical exercise.  Most importantly for students there is no additional cost to participate in the program.  There are 30 bikes available to students who can use the bike for the entire semester.  

Since the long term bike program was established in 2009 more than 300 students have utilized the program to travel about campus.

For more information about the different bike programs please view the tabs below.  


The Atlantic City Office of Residential Life has more than 20 bicycles that students can borrow for no additional cost each semester.  Bikes are provided to students on case by case basis.  Students who are interested in borrowing a bicycle must visit the Atlantic City Office of Residential Life and complete a waiver while in the office.  Students must return the bikes at the conclusion of each semester.