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Atlantic City Residential Life Overview

Residential Life is excited to showcase the new Atlantic City residential complex which can house more than 530 students in a variety of affordable campus apartments.  Additionally, every unit in the building has a full kitchen which means there is no meal plan required.  This state-of-the-art residential complex offers a unique experience of ocean front views, and views of the O'Donnell park in the historic Chelsea neighborhood.  Throughout this website you will find information about how to choose to live in AC, the cost of housing for a 9-month or 12-month housing contract, and the various room layouts which offer students a new living experience.  Students can also view classes offered in AC by clicking on this link



Room Layouts

1 Person Studio2 Person Private 4 Person Shared 4 Person Private 6 Person Private Family Housing Building Wings

12 – Month Contract Specific Information:

  • Tired of having to move your stuff out each semester or each summer? Pick the 12 month housing contract and NEVER have to pack a box!
  • Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a special agreement with Atlantic Care's fitness center in the Tropicana only 6 blocks away.  
    • 20 students who have signed the 12 month housing contract will be choosen at random to receive a 12 month gym membership to the Tropicana Atlantic Care fitness center.
    • Students who are not choosen can still join the gym for a $33 a month rate when signing a 10 month contract with the Atlantic Care fitness center in Tropicana.
  • Tired of having to share your childhood bedroom with your siblings after the semester is over? Pick the 12 month housing contract and stay on campus all year!
  • The 12 month housing contract is year round housing – the effective dates are August 19th 2019 to August 18th 2020 for the upcoming year.
  • Take advantage of everything AC has to offer and stay all year round! Many internship opportunities are available in the city and the ease of living at the Stockton AC campus will allow you a short commute to your internship.
  • Live at the beach at the height of summer with the ocean and boardwalk at your door!
  • Who wouldn’t love waking up every day to have the beautiful Atlantic city skyline and ocean in view?
  • Be the first to choose one of the phenomenal and highly coveted ocean front view apartments ONLY when you select the 12 month housing contract!
  • The 12 month housing contract give you the whole summer to learn how to surf, volunteer with local AC philanthropies (such as the AC Rescue mission or the AC Boys and Girls Club) or just relax and work on your tan and your GPA at the same time.
  • Everyone is watching their budget – take advantage of the 3 for the price of 2 summer courses in AC only with the 12 month housing contract.
  • Thinking about the 12 month housing contract but not quite sure it is right for you? Email us at  and setup an appointment with one of our friendly staff who will talk through it with you.

Atlantic City Housing Selection

Current Stockton students will have the opportunity to select housing for the Atlantic City Residential Complex on March 31, 2019.  Below is a description of what students and groups will receive priority timeslots for Atlantic City:

  • Any group with a student who has been enrolled in a 12 month contract and signs up for an upcoming 12 month contract will receive a priority timeslot to choose housing based upon the size and the average number of credits in the group. 
  • Any group with a student who signs up for an upcoming 12 month contract will receive next priority to choose based upon the size and the average number of credits in the group.
  • Any group with a student who has been enrolled in a 12 month contract will receive next priority to choose based upon the size and the average number of credits in the group.
  • Students with a group member that has 50% or more of their classes in AC will then choose. 
  • Groups with 50% or more of their classes in AC will receive the next available timeslots
  • Anyone wishing to live in AC will receive a timeslot.  
  • Any available beds will then be opened for general housing selection on April 21 and April 22.  

 Please visit the Bursar's Website found HERE for updated Housing Costs for Atlantic City and the 12-Month Contract.

AC Building Information:

  • There are 533 student beds in the Atlantic City Residential Complex. This number does not include the family housing and staff beds which are additional beds in the building.
  • The majority of the building is setup in a similar style to our most popular Galloway campus residence hall, Housing V, however in AC we have upgraded this floorplan to include 2 bathrooms and a full kitchen which removes the need to have a meal plan.
  • No meal plan is required to live in any of the apartment styles in AC.
  • AC offers our first ever family housing program. Any member of the Stockton community, student, faculty or staff can take part in the family housing program. Family housing is only available with the 12 month contract option.
  • There is ample garage parking right next to the AC residential complex. There will be 24 hour security located in the parking garage.
  • Living in AC will provide you with beautiful, breathtaking, ocean views, as well being is just steps from the beach, boardwalk and the Stockton academic complex.
  • There are over 30 staff members available to assist you 24/7 working in the AC residential complex.
  • Campus police and security on site.
  • Some amenities include: computer labs, fitness area, fireplace, study areas, and several student lounges in addition to building wide wireless internet, cable TV and more.
  • Programs, events and tutoring hours will be featured on the AC campus and many collaborations will take place with the Galloway campus to provide robust offerings for students, faculty and staff.
  • The AC residential complex and the academic building are host to over 15,000 sqft of retail space, including several dynamic restaurants and a campus bookstore.
  • Living in AC is not tied to any specific major. Anyone except for first year freshman students are able to live in AC starting Fall 2018.

AC FAQ and Contact Information:

Please direct all questions to: or the Office of Residential Life at 609-761-1232. 

Atlantic City FAQ's can be found here.