Stockton Offers CSI Summer Camp to High School Students

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Galloway, NJ – Stockton University’s School of Social & Behavioral Sciences invites you to be part of Stockton CSI, a residential summer camp for high school students and those entering high school in the fall who want hands-on experience with a criminal investigation and trial.

Participants can choose from three camp sessions: Camp 1 runs from July 10-14; Camp 2 runs July 24-28; and Camp 3 runs July 31-Aug. 4.

Are you a high school student who enjoys television programs like CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, or Law and Order? Do you want to help solve a murder? Do you want to know what really happens behind the scenes of a murder investigation and a high-stakes murder trial? Do you want to know what life is like behind bars? Do you want to meet the people who work in criminal justice, law enforcement, and forensic psychology?

Campers will work as part of an elite team of investigators and professionals to help solve a murder. They will be involved with every phase of the legal process, from the crime scene investigation to the criminal murder trial. Every camp session features a different murder case!

Campers will gain experience with evidence gathering and testing techniques, such as DNA analysis, forensic odontology (bite marks), fingerprints, chemical analysis, and blood spatter analysis.

Campers will also learn how to question suspects and witnesses. Campers will use the same techniques as investigators to learn the facts in a case, assess when people are lying and figure out when suspects’ memories may be distorted. Finally, campers will learn how to prepare a case for trial. They will learn jury selection techniques to help pick jurors to hear their case; strategies for presenting their cases and making arguments in a courtroom; and what life is like in jail for those awaiting trial and life in prison for those who are convicted.

“We talk to students about the reality of criminal justice careers. On television, one actor is often doing the job of five or six different criminal justice professionals. We explain to the students that they would not be doing all of those jobs and encourage them to pick one and to major in in a degree program that will prepare them for it,” said Christine Tartaro, professor of Criminal Justice and camp co-director. “The campers watch the TV shows, so we tell them what’s inaccurate and point out the myths and misconceptions.”

“The goal of the camp is to bring learning about forensic investigations to life by putting our campers in charge of solving a murder mystery. We teach them the skills they need to conduct an investigation, but they steer the entire investigative process,” said Joshua Duntley, associate professor of Criminal Justice and camp co-director.

The all-inclusive price of $859 for the camp includes all meals, a private dorm room, classes taught by experts, hands-on investigative and trial experience and three field trips.

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