Club Connect: Meet the... Stockpot Literary Magazine

The Stockpot Literary Magazine is just one of over 200 ways to get involved at Stockton University.

Galloway, N.J. – While the Stockton University of 1972 couldn’t boast of having over 200+ ways to get involved (or of even being a university) as we can now, they did have two prominent and student-led ways to make their voices heard on campus – The Argo, beginning in 1971, and the Stockpot Literary Magazine.

Today, these two giants remain among the various clubs and organizations that have popped up since. According to Erin Nevin, one of the club’s co-managing editors, they have another unique commonality.

“One thing that (Sarah Coe, co-editor in chief) always says is that what is so interesting about us is that at the end of every year, we always put one of our (magazines) into the archives,” Nevin said, referencing the University Archives in the Richard E. Bjork Library. “So, if you ever want to be memorialized or, you know, solidified in Stockton history, then Stockpot is here to do exactly that.” 

Members of the club support the publishing process of the annual magazine – they accept submissions from all across the campus community, review and edit the submissions and compile them all into a free publication that is distinctively Stockton. Submissions include prose (up to 2,000 words), poetry (up to 45 lines), photography and original artwork. 

The magazine is looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the Literature Club, which co-hosted a murder mystery party with them last year, and to hosting more creative writing workshops.

“We're hoping to get those started back up (for students who) want to write for an hour in a nice and chill environment and get some feedback for their work. We plan to host (the workshops) every two weeks on Wednesdays,” Nevin said.

Details for upcoming events and workshops will be available on their OspreyHub and Instagram.

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There are over 200 ways for students at Stockton University to get involved – explore the clubs and organizations on campus by checking out the twice-a-year Get Involved Fair or through OspreyHub.  

– Story by Loukaia Taylor 

– Photos by Susan Allen