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The Society of Physics Students is just one of over 200 ways to get involved on Stockton University's campus.

Galloway, N.J. – The Society of Physics Students (SPS) at Stockton University is a chapter-based society under the umbrella of the American Institute of Physics. It offers students a unique opportunity to engage with physics beyond the confines of traditional coursework.

“SPS welcomes students from all academic backgrounds who share an interest in physics and the desire to explore its many facets,” says Madelynn Schina, a club member. “While many members are physics majors, the club extends to students studying astronomy, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine and more.”

Beyond academics, SPS aims to equip students with a diverse range of skills essential for success in the professional world. Opportunities within the club go beyond general meetings – including visits to museums, laboratories and space centers – which provide students with exposure to real-world physics applications.

These opportunities are available through the club's OspreyHub and Instagram. 

Within SPS resides Sigma Pi Sigma, the prestigious national physics honor society. Membership in Sigma Pi Sigma is reserved for those who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in physics, further enriching the scholarly environment within SPS.

Schina says, “We are able to attend workshops, seminars and hands-on experiences such as model rocketry and soldering, where members can enhance their communication, leadership and networking abilities!”

SPS empowers students, advisers and departments to make meaningful contributions to the scientific community at both the national and local levels. By participating in national initiatives and engaging in outreach efforts within the campus and local communities, SPS members play an active role in advancing the field of physics while enriching their own educational experiences.

The Society of Physics Students at Stockton University is more than just a club; it's a gateway to a world of scientific exploration and professional growth.

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– Story and photos by Lizzie Nealis