Club Connect: Meet the… Stockton Socialists

The Stockton Socialists are just one of over 200 ways to get involved at Stockton University.

Galloway, N.J. – When one’s views on politics fall outside of the margins, isolation can seem unavoidable – that’s where clubs like the Stockton Socialists come in.

In addition to weekly meetings, the organization plans to host events open to the campus community, such as its annual self-defense class with Amerikick Gym in April, in commemoration of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The class will be free, and the organization will raise funds for the gym’s charity, which benefits victims of sexually-based offenses. 

Details on that event will be available on their OspreyHub and Instagram. 

Described as a “close-knit” group by vice president Alana Brogan, the organization works to make members feel seen and heard on the issues that they care about. 

“We all usually start with an ice breaker at the beginning, just to make everyone feel welcomed, and we sort of have a loosely guided meeting where we like to just give people space, whether they are a socialist, want to learn more about it or just want a friend group that agrees with them on certain topics,” the Health Science major said.

“We wanted to open up a space for other people that are like-minded with us so that we could also focus less on politics, but more so on actually helping out people and our local labor unions and potentially even starting our own student worker unions so that students can have rights as well,” Yamirah Williams, the organization’s public relations chair, said.

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There are over 200 ways for students at Stockton University to get involved – explore the clubs and organizations on campus by checking out the twice-a-year Get Involved Fair or through OspreyHub. 

– Story and photo by Loukaia Taylor