Club Connect: Meet the… Culture and Language Appreciation Club

The Culture and Language Appreciation Club is just one of over 200 ways to get involved at Stockton University.

Galloway, N.J. – World Languages major Madison Chamberlain took the old adage ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ a step further when she couldn’t find a club that offered immersive learning experiences for various cultures.

Previous meetings centered on French crepes and Oktober Fest, a German holiday that typically includes beer and various snacks.

The club is currently planning on highlighting Greek gyros and Italian pasta in future meetings, with details forthcoming on their OspreyHub, Instagram and Discord

Rather than become discouraged by her lack of options, she took control and decided to create an option for students like her: the Culture and Language Appreciation Club (CLAC).

“There wasn’t (a club) that encapsulated a butt load of cultures and languages into one, so I saw a need and decided to fill it,” Chamberlain said.

On a monthly basis, students can enjoy a casual atmosphere and learn cultural recipes in the Townsend Residential Life Center (TRLC). 

“Our most recent night was Burrito Night: I brought all the prep ingredients, and it was this whole assembly line where everyone was in the kitchen. We're cooking rice and beans, getting the beef all ready, and then we got to sit outside and just like, enjoy the products of our labors, basically. It was nice to sort of put us out there culturally,” the Missouri native said.  

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There are over 200 ways for students at Stockton University to get involved – explore the clubs and organizations on campus by checking out the twice-a-year Get Involved Fair or through OspreyHub. 

– Story by Loukaia Taylor 

– Photos by Susan Allen