Club Connect: Meet the... American Sign Language Club

Club Connect: Meet the... American Sign Language Club

The American Sign Language Club is just one of over 200 ways to get involved at Stockton University.

Galloway, N.J. - The Sign Language Club at Stockton University isn't just about learning sign language; it's a community fostering inclusivity, cultural awareness, and a shared passion for ASL. With an engaging meeting structure and plans for future events, the club is set to become a dynamic hub for sign language enthusiasts on campus.

Meetings occur every Monday at 6 pm, with additional sessions every other Friday for those unable to attend on Mondays. Members kick off meetings with introductions, including finger-spelling their names, sharing name signs, and engaging in a themed question of the day.

The agenda includes Deaf culture videos, lessons, ABCs, numbers, colors and games. The vocabulary for the day is explored through interactive games, making each meeting a two-hour immersive experience. 

Hannah Weiser says, “The club welcomes individuals with a genuine interest in learning about Deaf culture and sign language. All levels of signers are embraced, recognizing that the journey to fluency is a process. Club meetings provide a supportive environment for beginners to start their ASL journey.”

Stockton's Sign Language Club, formerly known as the ASL Club, has a storied history predating the existence of OspreyHub. Unfortunately, it faced challenges and gradually dissipated over time. In the fall of 2022, attempts were made to revive it but fell through. 

“When our current leader, who had a personal history with ASL studies, arrived in fall 2023, the club had become inactive,” said Weiser. “Intrigued and passionate about American Sign Language since the age of 9, they took charge of the club three weeks into their time at Stockton, renaming it the 'Sign Language Club.' The driving force was not only personal interest but a desire to share the spark of ASL with others.”

While no specific events are planned for this spring, the club is actively recruiting new members. Last semester saw a modest number of active participants, but this semester, with a recruitment push, the aim is to build a vibrant community for exciting events in the next academic year.

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There are over 200 ways for students at Stockton University to get involved – explore the clubs and organizations on campus by checking out the twice-a-year Get Involved Fair or through OspreyHub. 

– Story and photo by Lizzie Nealis