Five Students Receive Trustee Fellowships

Galloway, N.J. – Five students have received Spring 2022 Stockton Board of Trustees Student Fellowships for research projects. The fellowships were announced at the May 4 trustees meeting.

The students and their projects are:

rocco-mancusoName: Rocco Mancuso (First-Generation), Sophomore|Major: Applied Physics and Dual/Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Agyare, Assistant Professor of Physics
Project Title: Cell Phones and Electromagnetic Radiation.

The purpose of this research project is to guide members of the Stockton community to make educated decisions when planning to buy handheld devices. All electronic devices emit radio frequency (RF) waves of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This project aims to draw the attention of the Stockton community and their families to the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of cell phones. To lower exposure to EMR from cell phones, the American Cancer Society advises cell phone users to choose a cell phone with a lower SAR value. In this project, we intend to educate the Stockton community about cell phones and their SAR values and make a listing of the SARs of popular cell phones. This information will be shared with the campus community via posters, poster sessions, and brochures.

shanyce smithName: Shanyce Smith (First-Generation), Sophomore|Major: Communication Studies
Advisor: Dr. Danielle Ward, Stockton Cares Office, Adjunct Professor of Life Sciences
Project Title: Career Support for Camden Teens.

The purpose of this civic engagement project is to support the career/college readiness of female teens in an underserved community in Camden, N.J. with help of professionals and student leaders. This project will educate and sponsor teens to shop for professional attire in preparation for a career panel they will attend. During the career panel, student leaders and Stockton University professionals will present advice and tips for pursuing various career paths. The vision for this project is to teach female teens about professional etiquette, networking, and connect them potential mentors who can provide a blueprint for succeeding in their careers.

nicholas cernigliaName: Nicholas Cerniglia (First-Generation), Junior|Major: Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Helana Girgis, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of Children’s Learning Lab
Project Title: Comparative Study on the Benefits of Journaling and Meditation.

This purpose of this research projectis to examine benefits of journaling and meditation on (depression, anxiety, and stress), emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, gratitude, etc.  The unprecedented circumstances of the coronavirus outbreak have exacerbated mental health issues. Furthermore, limited access to resources may limit people from receiving proper mental health treatment or guidance. Journaling and meditation may serve as two resourceful practices for improving mental health and emotional stability. These methods are not solutions, but they can be tools for adapting to new circumstances and managing mental well-being. 

dylan caccamesiName: Dylan Caccamesi, Senior|Major: Environmental Science and Geology
Advisor: Dr. Matthew (Rocky) Severs, Associate Professor of Geology
Project Title: Linking lamprophyre dikes and hydrothermal gold deposits in Great Falls Park, Maryland and Virginia.

The purpose of this research project is to determine if there is a linkage between the Great Falls lamprophyres and the local orogenic gold deposits found in the immediate area in Maryland.  Several igneous dikes were identified over 50 years ago that cut through the Potomac River along the border of Maryland and Virginia within Great Falls Park (George Washington Memorial Parkway and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Monuments of Virginia and Maryland). This project seeks to build upon previous research conducted where the specific geochemistry and petrologic origin of these mafic dikes was explored. There are various instances around the world where lamprophyre dikes are found proximally to hydrothermal orogenic gold deposits (Tintina District, Alaska, New South Wales, Australia, etc.), however, a definitive linkage between the two has yet to be formally defined.

shannon gloverName: Shannon Glover (First-Generation), Junior|Major: Business Studies
Advisor: Sarah Stout Albertson, Office of Student Conduct, Adjunct Professor, School of General Studies
Project Title: Stockton's Human Library.

The purpose of this social justice project will allow participants (Readers) to hear life stories being told through brave individuals (Books), where readers can ask any questions for clarification or additional understanding to expand the perceptions of the people within our community.  Stockton's Human Library is an event that will be held on campus. This project shall promote critical thinking and expand the perceptions of the people within our community to allow the readers to get a deeper understanding of how complex life truly is and get a firsthand account of someone else's life experience. This project will foster a safe space for participants to listen and books to be heard.