Club Connect: Meet the... Eastern Brush Painting Club

Tara Misiura, member of the Eastern Brush Painting Club, at her table at the Get Involved Fair.

Galloway, N.J.- Want to indulge in a new hobby? Check out The Eastern Brush Painting Club.

Club member Tara Misiura cannot stress enough the benefits that come from this club. Although the organization is generally about teaching members about Eastern brush painting and its techniques, it is also about “destressing from the chaos that is college life and getting time to just sort of breathe and paint, be creative and relax” Misiura said.

“And I think that's the beauty with this medium of art, that it’s very focused on the meditative practice of it rather than the physical outcome of the painting.”

The club’s advisor, Chung-Fan Chang, teaches a Chinese Brush Painting course at Stockton. Many students from that class continue their painting journey at the club, but according to Misiura, “there’s also people who have never taken a class before in art and they’ll also join.”

The Eastern Brush Painting Club has a variety of members and is always open to gaining new students.

During the meetings, students can expect an easygoing learning session: from bamboo to orchids, members can learn to paint numerous things.

“Typically, it’s sort of free time to paint but also we’ll go through a demonstration or a lesson of how to paint a certain subject,” Misiura explained.

The Eastern Brush Painting Club meetings every other Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. Students can stay updated with the club on OspreyHub or on their Instagram @stockton.ebpc.

-Story and photo by Julyanna Deauna