Stockton Police Earn Reaccreditation

Galloway Township - The Stockton University Police Department has received reaccreditation from the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police.

Stockton Director of Campus Public Safety Adrian J. Wiggins said the process is a campus-wide team effort to comply with the 105 required standards.

“One of the most important aspects of accreditation is to ensure the safety of both our officers and our community.” Wiggins said. “Enforcing accreditation in our policies and procedures ensures that police officers are acting and performing their duties to a standard that raises the reputation of the department and ensures that the community is provided a high standard of care. We strive to gain and maintain the public’s trust.”

Wiggins said that compared to large municipalities, Stockton has a small police force.

“However, all police forces, regardless of size, face many of the same issues, challenges and compliance standards. Our size does not exempt us Attorney General’s Office and County Prosecutor’s Directives.”

The New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association Accreditation has been specifically designed for New Jersey police departments and includes meeting standards provided by County and State law enforcement officials. Accreditation is an ongoing process and is good for three years.

The process was initiated by Sgt. Theodore Idell and Lt. Cynthia Parker, with support Lt. Giovanni Maionne, Accreditation Coordinator Dave Madamba, Vice President for Facilities and Operations Donald Hudson and Vice President for Student Affairs Chris Catching.

“I am extremely proud of our accreditation team and our police officers who worked very hard to maintain our accreditation and for getting us through our onsite evaluation last month,” Wiggins said.

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Diane D’Amico
Director of News and Media Relations
Stockton University
Galloway, N.J. 08205