Spotlight On: Morell Ready to Share Heartfulness Meditation

Nathan Morell pictured center

Nathan Morell, center, during his trip to India this summer.

Galloway, N.J.  Sometimes we take trips that leave a lasting imprint on our hearts. Nathan Morell, assistant director of Counseling Services at Stockton, traveled to Kanha Shanti Vanam Ashram, India this summer to embark on his certification to teach Heartfulness Meditation, and this trip did exactly that.

When Morell arrived in June, it took him a few days to disconnect from the outside world and fully settle into the space, which he said was beyond description.

“Imagine an entire city were everyone meditates on the heart. The level of peace, harmony, kindness, openness, connectedness and love was beyond anything I have ever experienced,” Morell said. “There were two organic farms, a school, children’s center, an 80,000-person lotus shaped meditation hall, dormitories, monuments, bike paths, endless trees and sitting areas, even an Italian restaurant.”Nathan Morell meditating

His training consisted of two group meditations daily as well as two individual sessions, plus yoga at dawn.

“With no distractions and an environment built to support the awakening of the heart, I soon found myself experiencing a connection and openness beyond anything I have ever felt in meditation before,” Morell said. “There is a beautiful and subtle energy present in Kanha, that combined with my daily practice and the lack of stressors, allowed a liberation and boundless freedom of the heart that is difficult to be described, (think of experiencing total and complete love with no fear or ego constraints, a soaring and boundless state of being).“

After two weeks, Morell became a coach and preceptor, meaning he is now certified to safely teach Heartfulness Meditation in groups and to individuals.

“As Stockton’s prevention specialist, 99% of my work is focused in prevention programming and individual therapy for students. What I am excited about with this practice is that I can now provide free weekly group meditation to anyone interested,” Morell said. “One of the loveliest aspects of this practice is that it is given away for free as the practice is seen as beyond monetary value, how can one put a price on the liberation of the human heart? So, all the teachers have day jobs and volunteer their time giving meditation away to anyone one in need of reduced stress and increased wellness.”

When you walk into the Morell’s office at Stockton, you are greeted by the soothing sounds of trickling water, smells of essential oils diffusing, and walls filled with art that evoke peace and positivity. There is a sense of calm in this space where he often sits with students to help them through challenging times.

Morell says we are a sickness-based society.

“When do we go to the doctor? When we are sick. Why not put efforts and support into early preventative care to try and avoid people getting to a place of deep depression, anxiety or even suicidal thoughts.” This process aligns with bringing meditation into peoples’ lives and hopefully, daily practices.

Whether you’re anxious about beginning your first semester or trying to navigate the hardships life can throw your way, meditation offers coping techniques to help.

Morell will offer Heartfulness Meditation group sessions at 5:45 p.m. on Tuesdays beginning Sept. 10 in the N-Wing Meditation Hall of the Galloway campus. For more information or to schedule an individual session, email Morell at

Reported by Mandee McCullough