Students Publish 44th Edition of 'Stockpot'


Contributors to 'Stockpot' show off the 44th edition at the reception. Below: Co-editors Jamie Walters and Kent Mattia

Galloway, N.J. _ The 44th edition of Stockpot, Stockton’s literary magazine, was unveiled at a reception in the Art Gallery.

The poetry, prose, art and photography of almost 50 students are represented in the 104-page book featuring cover art by Kourtney Gush.

stockpot editorsThis year’s co-editors-in-chief were Kent Mattia of Ocean Township in Monmouth County and Jamie Walters of Pomona, California.

Mattia said they received hundreds of entries, which are reviewed and discussed anonymously by the larger group of editors.

“We would all talk about work and decide which to run,” Walters said. “Sometimes we would suggest minor changes for consideration.”

“There was a lot of going back and forth, and redoing the design,’ Mattia said. “But the greatest moment was opening the box when they arrived from the printers and actually seeing them.”

Mattia, who graduates in May, did an internship at SoJourn magazine and hopes to get a job in editing.

Walters, who will graduate in 2019 said she plans to attend graduate school and would like to get published and teach at a college level.

Other editors for this year’s Stockpot are Ana Beste, Gabby Bibus, Sara Brown, Jackson Glassey, Daniel Hicks-Neal, Mary Kelly McQuarrie, Alexa McTernan, Shilo Previti, Gabriela Siwiec and Caleb Tucker. Associate editors are Tori Black, Chris Curtin, Danielle Monzo and Rebecca Muller.

Copies of Stockpot are available from faculty advisor Cynthia King, associate professor of creative writing, at

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