Stockton at Manahawkin to Host Lecture on Digestion and Health July 24

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Contact:         Christina Butterfield
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Galloway, N.J. - Stockton University at Manahawkin will host a lecture titled, “Digestion & Health: The Powerful Role of the Microbiome,” by Anthony Dissen instructor of health sciences at Stockton University, on Monday, July 24 at 10 a.m.

The lecture will examine the incredibly powerful role that digestion plays in determining one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Attendees will explore the definition of the microbiome, both in the gut and the entire body's microbiome as a whole; what types of common lifestyle practices undermine the health of the microbiome, such as the overuse of antibiotics, obsessive hygiene, and lack of proper foods in the diet; the health consequences of reducing the microbiome, which can cause digestive diseases, autoimmune conditions and certain vitamin deficiencies; and how one can begin to restore the microbiome to more optimal levels.

Call 609-626-3883 to register for this free lecture to be held at Stockton at Manahawkin, located at 712 East Bay Ave. in Manahawkin, N.J.

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