Model United Nations

Stockton University Model United Nations is a campus-wide program supported by Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.  An innovative experiential learning experience, academic sport clubs like Model UN bridge the gap between extracurricular and academic activities by increasing opportunities for our students to gain skills such as communicating complex issues concisely, dealing effectively with crises under a time constraint, working with people from a variety of backgrounds, solving challenges with creative solutions, and applying discipline-specific knowledge.  


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Stockton Model UN helps its members develop professional skills such as writing, debating, and networking. But it is more than that, as it is steeped with a sense of camaraderie that allows students to foster friendships with people they normally wouldn't have the chance to meet, whether they be from completely different majors or from different countries across the globe. We pride ourselves on having a team passionate about diplomacy and world affairs and take pride in passing that passion on to all new members. Personally, Stockton Model UN has had a massive influence on my academic and day to day life, enriching both in ways I never anticipated when joining the club 4 years ago.
James (Colby) Culbertson '21
James (Colby) Culbertson '21
Current President and Delegate at NMUN-China 2019, NMUN-NY 2017, 2018, and 2019, & NMUN-DC 2018
The lessons and personal growth from NMUN are ones that stay with students long after the conference and the months preparing for it. For myself, attending NMUN conferences shaped me to be the student leader I am at Stockton and taught me that amongst differences, diplomacy is possible to solve issues affecting the world. It truly is an experience that opens up opportunities for students to learn how to problem solve and advocate for themselves and the causes they are passionate about.
Syeda Sanjidha '20
Syeda Sanjidha '20
Current Public Relations Officer and Delegate at NMUN-China 2019, NMUN-NY 2017, 2018, 2019, & NMUN-DC 2018; Vice Chair for Public Relations of Stockton University; Student Senate President of Stockton University Muslim Students Association; Vice President of Stockton University South Asian Students Association
Model UN taught me that the global issues aren’t always black and white, there will always be a disparity in the implementation of agreements among developed and developing states. But as we continue to address the willingness of humanity to acknowledge overlapping desire for preventing the spread of violence and oppression, we can take one closer step to eventual compliance for all, one SDG at a time.
David Yoon '17 
David Yoon '17 
Alumni and Delegate at NMUN-NY 2015 and 2016, NMUN-Japan 2016

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