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Who We Are

The Division of Facilities and Operations is comprised of six primary departments: Campus Public Safety, Engineering & Energy Management, Facilities Planning, Facilities Management & Plant Operations, Real Estate, and Risk Management & Environment/Health/Safety that work together to manage the development and maintenance of our campus. We are responsible for more than 75 buildings on a 1,600 acre academic campus. 


Our Mission

“Support and Service, Built on Innovation”.

As a service organization our mission is to improve and sustain all of the University’s buildings and grounds and to provide support to the community through a team of well-trained maintenance professionals. Our staff strives to provide a clean, safe and sanitary environmental for the University’s community and general public.

The Division of Facilities and Operations also is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating the update of the University’s Facilities Master Plan and managing and coordinating the implementation of the University’s Physical and Land-use Master Plan in order to provide facilities and campus grounds which promotes a physical environment supportive of the University’s mission.  
  • Renewing, replacing and adapting the existing facilities and infrastructure in an environmentally-sound and energy-efficient manner to meet advancing technology, institutional needs and public requirements in the areas of health, safety, energy and the environment. 
  • Acquiring and constructing buildings to support the needs and expansion of the University’s growing community.
  • Developing and implementing energy conservation measures to constrain reoccurring costs to the University and to reduce environmental pollution. 
  • Exercising prudent management of Capital Budgets to protect the University’s financial resources.