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Welcome to General Studies

General Studies constitutes the University curriculum's "commons," the place where students and faculty with various specializations explore the world of knowledge, ideas, and issues, often in an interdisciplinary way. Students take General Studies courses throughout their undergraduate career. The program constitutes the core of the liberal arts tradition that together with the major supports an excellent education. Students learn new perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and discover new areas of interest.

For those whose personal goals or career aspirations aren't met by an existing academic program, General Studies offers a Liberal Studies (B.A.) degree. This program allows students, with guidance of two faculty and the Dean of General Studies, to shape an interdisciplinary course of study that meets their needs and interests.

In the General Studies School, these minors are also available:                 

In addition to these minors, General Studies offers the following programs and services:

One graduate program is offered through the School of General Studies:

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