The Human Brain

Online Short Courses with Stockton Professors

The Human Brain: From Cells to Experience

Tuition: $45 per 4-session course. Space is Limited. Delivered via Zoom

Tuesdays Aug. 4, 11, 18 & 25 from 10 -11 a.m.

 Jessica Fleck, Ph.D., Professor & Psychology Program Coordinator

The brain is our essence, allowing us to see and hear the world around us, to remember our greatest triumphs, and to experience the deepest heartbreaks.

This course will share recent neuroscience and neuropsychology breakthroughs in how the brain works. You will learn what a single brain cell can do alone and how those cells work together in larger networks that enable you to experience the range of perceptions, memories, and emotions that life offers.

Topics include: 1. Building a brain. With 86 billion neurons, how does each cell know where to go? 2. Brain cells in the soup. What do neurons look like and how do they communicate? 3. Write this down! The physical changes in the brain that are our memories. 4. Nothing is permanent: The brain’s potential for change.

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