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Each year campus offices and departments host a variety of meetings, workshops and other special events designed to enhance the collegiate experience. Event planners should use the resources below when planning on-campus events. Events requiring significant setup and support services may require funding and divisional approval. An event scheduler will advise of such costs and assist with the approval process.

Planning Your Event

Stockton's campus features meeting and learning facilities that are sure to fit your needs. Please visit our University Facilities page to see what Stockton University has to offer.

Campus Offices and Departments should complete the Request for Use of Facilities by Stockton Sponsor form and email it to to submit a request.

The Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations will reserve the space and schedule the support services on your behalf.

Galloway Campus must use Stockton University's exclusive caterer, Chartwells for all catering needs.

Chartwells offers a variety of on-campus dining options to meet your needs. From all you-can-eat meal plans and continental breakfasts to full service banquets and box lunches, Chartwells catering services are professional and imaginative.

To contact Chartwells please visit their website, email, or call 609-652-4772.

Off campus locations, such as Atlantic City, Hammonton, Manahawkin, and Woodbine, have the option to use Chartwells or register an external vendor.

In an effort to ensure that all minors receive an enriching, educational, and safe experience, The University has developed a policy with procedures for the protection of minors. Please review this policy before planning events that could have minors involved.

Events involving recognized University clubs and/or organizations, offices, departments and/or divisions partnering or collaborating with external groups for events using university facilities, equipment and/or services will be considered University co-sponsored activities or events. In addition to assisting with the scheduling of space and resources, the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations will coordinate the contract process as fees and insurance may be required. Co-sponsored events must meet all of the following requirements:

    1. Prior approval of the appropriate budget unit head, dean, and/or vice president;
    2. Prior approval by the State Ethics Commission. See guidelines Joint Ventures and Private Financing of State Activities and the Agency Jointly Sponsored Events/Activities Form. Questions may be directed to the campus Ethics Liaison Officer.
    3. Adhere to the appropriate provisions of University facility usage fees and University procedures and policies;
    4. Share and/or absorb appropriate costs associated with the event not borne by the external group;
    5. Provide the appropriate personnel to plan and/or manage the event.

Requests for use of on-campus housing facilities should be made directly to the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations.

The "Visitor's Guide for Residential Summer Conferences" outlines the services and resources available to on-campus guests. A copy of this brochure is distributed to each guest upon their check-in to housing facilities.

On-campus housing is available for rent for summer conference groups from late May through early August. Our furnished housing facilities consist of apartments and more traditional residence halls. Access to laundry facilities and rental of linens is available for groups who require these services. All rooms are air-conditioned and have Internet and basic cable television connectivity.


After all approvals for the facility, equipment, and refreshments are made, you may begin the publicity campaign for your event. Consider publicizing your event using the following means:

A listing of daily and upcoming events is linked directly from the Stockton homepage. With approval of space, your event is automatically entered into the University's event database and posted on the "Today's Events" web calendar. Searches can be conducted by date, building, event type and group type. Information can be viewed in a daily, weekly, and monthly format. Know that private events and meetings can be omitted from the web calendar. Simply indicate that the event is not open to the public when submitting your request. Once your event is approved, you may submit a personalized image or logo with your event listing by submitting the Web Calendar & TV/LED Request Form.
Information related to emergencies and upcoming events can be posted on the television monitors by submitting the Web Calendar & TV/LED Request Form. Requests may be submitted  up to one week prior to the airing start date for the message. If you would like to have your message personalized with your chosen image or logo, please follow the directions included on the form. The Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operatons reserves the right to edit messages as needed.
The LED Message signs, which are located at both of the University's entrances on Vera King Farris Drive, have been installed to communicate information related to emergencies, parking lots, and upcoming institutional events that may attract large groups.The LED Sign Message can be requested using the Web Calendar & TV/LED Request Form.  The Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations reserves the right to edit messages as needed.
Advertisements to be posted on the kiosks must be submitted for approval and posting to the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations, located in Suite 241 of the Campus Center. 18 copies are needed.
Advertisements to be posted in residential areas must be submitted for approval and posting to the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations, located in Suite 241 in the Campus Center. 90 copies are needed. Residential areas include the Townsend Residential Life Center, the Lodge @ Lakeside, the Housing IV Commons Building, and the bulletin boards located in the Residence Halls and Apartment Complexes.
Published weekly during the academic year, The ARGO seeks to inform the Stockton community about news, sports, entertainment, and events on and around campus.The ARGO is a student produced newspaper and is not an official publication of Stockton University. To receive price information and to place an ad in The ARGO, please call (609) 652-4560 or e-mail The ARGO accepts University purchase orders as a means of payment.
Those wishing to publicize an event on the student organization SSTV, channel 14 should provide information to the School of Arts and Humanities, located in K-150, or call (609) 652-4505. For information on public service announcements through WLFR Radio 97.1, please contact the station directly at (609 652-4780).
The University's Public Relations Coordinator serves as a contact between the University and the local media. To submit news and event information, please complete the University Relations & Marketing Request Form or contact University Relations & Marketing at (609 626-3517).

For questions about accessibility or to request an accommodation, please contact the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations at 609.652.4878 or at least 5 business days in advance of your participation or visit.