Mission & Goals


The mission of the EOF program is to provide access to eligible students focused on high academic achievement through creative opportunities for students in an active and supportive learning environment.

With a Stockton tradition based upon Dignity, Intensity and Pride, we nuture the whole student body in many ways.  In conjunction with the Divison of Student Affairs vision, we are dedicated to transforming students into becoming civic minded and productive citizens.


  • Assist the Office of Enrollment Management in recruiting a quality, ethically diverse freshman class with a strong ability to benefit from our summer program.
  • Increase and maintain academic outcomes in the areas of retention rates, graduation rates and graduate school admission.
  • Foster participation of EOF students in the programs that emphasize prospective employment opportunities and career maturation.
  • Develop meaningful collaborations with academic affairs components, programs and initiatives.
  • Create a sense of responsibility and committment to learning.
  • Provide students with mentorship opportunities, academic, career and financial counseling to prepare them for graduation.
  • Expose students through civic engagement opportunities and leadership development skills in order to actively participate in a diverse and global environment.