Western Armenian Language Essentials

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“Western Armenian Language Essentials” is an 8-week introductory language series, scheduled live on Zoom Thursdays, September 28 to November 16, 2023, from 2:00-4:00 pm EST. This series aims to maintain and enhance the number of Armenian speakers across the world. Dr. Talin Suciyan of Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, a leading Armenian scholar, will teach this course. It will focus on basic comprehension skills, simple greetings and interactions, and short conversations, guide participants to learn without the need for repetitive memorization. Dr. Suciyan will also guide participant's pronunciation and discuss common cultural references. This interactive, online series will provide immersive learning anywhere with WiFi. 

Our adult-learner model is ideal for participants 18 years and older, and features no formal homework, quizzes, or tests. We encourage those interested in learning the language for the first time, refreshing old skills, or simply joining a community of like-minded people. Workshops are designed for all skill levels with special attention provided to first-time language learners.

Instructor: Dr. Talin Suciyan

  • Dr. Talin Suciyan has served as an associate professor at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich for over 14 years. Dr. Suciyan specializes in the Western Armenian Language, the history of Turkey, and the Ottoman Empire. She is the author of The Armenians in Modern Turkey: Post-Genocide Society, Politics and History, and her new book, Outcasting Armenians: Tanzimat of the Provinces, was released in Summer 2023. Talin was born and raised in Istanbul, where she attended local Armenian schools from elementary grades through high school.

Day/Date(s)/Times: Thursdays, September 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 9, 16, and 30, 2023
Note: November 2 and November 23 will be skipped on the calendar. 

Time: 2:00-4:00 pm EST (14:00-16:00 EST)

Campus/Location: Online (Live via Zoom)

Price: $150/person



Stockton's on-campus partnership:

The Office of Continuing Studies & Adult Education has partners with the School of General Studies and Graduate Education's Armenian Studies Initiative and the Refugee Studies Initiative to offer the inaugural series of "Western Armenian Language Essentials". The Refugee Studies Initiative at Stockton University promotes cross-disciplinary research on displacement and refugees through scholarships and events that facilitate discussions among faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students from across campus. To learn more about our Refugee Studies Initiative, please visit: stockton.edu/refugee-studies.

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