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Certified Tourism Industry Professional

The Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism, Stockton University School of Business (LIGHT) and Office of Continuing Studies at Stockton University are partnering with New Jersey Tourism Industry Association (NJTIA) to bring a professional designation to those making a career in the leisure and hospitality sector.

Professionals in tourism, hospitality, marketing, government engagement, membership organizations, public relations, and emerging leaders can advance their careers and acquire in-demand industry specific skills through this dedicated training program.

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Cannabis Industry Studies

Designed as an add-on credential for those in public relations or the cannabis industry. In this six-week online course, Jimmy Young will guide you through the history, myths, and stereotypes to give you an insider's view of the industry, politics, and laws that now dictate its future as a billion-dollar international business. You will then be able to leverage this information to promote the industry effectively within the realm of public relations.

Dates: June 5th - July 13th

This course is online in Blackboard with MANDATORY zoom classes on Tuesdays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm est.




NOTE: "Cannabis and Public Relations Certificate" is comprised of the following courses

  • Getting to Normalization: Changing the Stigma of Cannabis through Public Relations - Online/ June 5 - July 13, 2023
  • Cannabis and Communications: Exploring Perspectives and Messaging - Online/ Self-paced
  • The Cannabis Industry: Understanding the Opportunities - Online/ Self-paced

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This certificate was developed to address a growing demand by people interested in entering Cannabis industry, either as growers, or as medical cannabis providers, or as individuals involved with business and/or legal aspects of the industry. The courses are 100%  online and self-paced, and to provide an introduction to one of the most rapidly growing industries. 

You can now customize your certificate by selecting 6 of the 9 courses offered. This allows you to build a certificate program that is compatible with your needs. 

Dates: Start at anytime by registering below. 
Cost: Cannabis Studies Certificate: $1,995 

          -OR- Register for classes individually (See below) 

During registration you will select 6 out of the 10 courses listed below. All courses are available on an individual basis if you would like to take more than 6. 

  • Environmental Issues and Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis and Communications: Exploring Perspectives and Messaging
  • Social Justice and Cannabis
  • Risk Management and Insurance for Cannabis Businesses
  • The Cannabis Industry: Understanding the Opportunities
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Introduction to Research in Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis
  • Topics in Cannabis
  • Introduction to Business
  • NRF Retail Industry Fundamentals (This is an industry valued credential)

Location: Online- Blackboard 9.1


This course was developed by Jack Palis, an industry leader in environmental business consulting and emerging issues. Palis developed this course to provide a better understanding as to why environmental issues and sustainability play a major role in the cannabis industry.


Topics Covered:
History and Evolution of Environmental Protection and Sustainability
Environmental Regulation in NJ and the United States
Environmental Issues for Starting and Operating a Cannabis Business
Management and Best Practices
Elements and Principles of Sustainability, Strategy
Forward Focus on Social, Generational, and Personal Interconnections

Price: $499.00 


To be prepared for a career in this growing industry, it is important to understand how our views are shaped by communications about cannabis from various sources. This course will explore cannabis communications through a historical lens as well as identify how influences like education, media, religion, and entertainment contribute to messaging, ultimately affecting attitudes and beliefs about cannabis. Regardless of the role or specialization within the field, all cannabis professionals can benefit from an examination of messaging around the topic of cannabis.

By taking this course you will be able to:
Understand how attitudes and beliefs about cannabis form, balancing exploration between individual and societal perspectives.
Identify and analyze the distinct sources of cannabis messaging and assess the roles that each one plays in shaping views about cannabis.
Gain a deeper understanding of the differing views on cannabis that exist and how they are shifting (and will continue to) across the state and the nation.
Apply knowledge and context to communications exchanges in cannabis industry careers, allowing for a nuanced approach to customer interactions, marketing and educational opportunities, advocacy, community engagement, and other communications-focused interactions.

Price: $129.00


Rob Mejia developed this course to provide a better understanding about why social justice is important within the cannabis industry. Discover ways that the industry can be fair, inclusive, and appreciate the different approaches that states are taking to implement social justice policy.

Topics Covered:
History of Cannabis
Race and Cannabis 
Criminal Justice Reform
Economic Opportunity
Environmental Policies for Different States 

Price: $399.00



Rob Mejia

Rob Mejia, Teaching Specialist, Stockton University, Cannabis Studies

Rob Mejia is a full time Cannabis Teaching Specialist at Stockton University and President of Our Community Harvest: A Minority Owned Cannabis Education Company. At Stockton University he helped launch CHRIS -the Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative at Stockton- as a hemp and non-medical research hub and cannabis education center.

His cannabis authorship includes The Essential CannabisBook: A Field Guide for the Curious, The Essential Cannabis Journal: Personal Notes from the Field and numerous articles including bi-monthly articles for NJ Cannabis Insider called “Prof Mejia’s Weed Corner.”

In recognition of his cannabis advocacy and education efforts, he is the recipient of the Inaugural Excellence in Cannabis Education Award for the state of New Jersey.

Developed by industry professionals Karen Adamsbaum and Jack Palis, this course is intended for anyone planning, starting, growing, scaling, or working in a cannabis or related business.  Everyone in a company has a role to play in managing the business’ risks.

Topics Covered:
Risk management is and how is it utilized in business
The risk management process and the key elements 
How risk management applies to different activities and stages of a company’s growth and expansion
Options available to manage, control and transfer risk
Insurance options and how to get the most out of your policies
Loss event and how to file a claim
How to manage your insurance program

Price: $79.00


This 7-module course introduces learners to the opportunities for employment in the cannabis industry.

Topics Covered:
Cannabis Basics
Growing and Cultivation
Extraction and processing           
Retail and Medical Dispensary
Hospitality, Marketing, and Communications
Other opportunities and looking ahead

Price: $499.00


Rob Mejia 2

Rob Mejia, President, Our Community Harvest: A Cannabis Education Company

Rob Mejia is President of Our Community Harvest: A Cannabis Education Company which creates cannabis educational materials including online courses. He is also one of New Jersey’s most sought after cannabis and hemp speakers and presenters. For over a year he has written a broad ranging, bi-monthly cannabis column for New Jersey Cannabis Insider under the name “Professor Mejia’s Weed Corner.”

In addition, his cannabis authorship includes The Essential CannabisBook: A Field Guide for the Curious and The Essential Cannabis Journal: Personal Notes from the Field- both published by Cedar Lane Press.

At Stockton University he helped launch CHRIS -the Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative at Stockton- as a hemp and non-medical research hub and cannabis education center. Currently, he holds the position of Teaching Specialist in Cannabis Studies and teaches the Introduction to Medical Cannabis, Social Justice and Cannabis and Cannabis Internship Preparation courses.

In recognition of his cannabis advocacy and education efforts, he is the recipient of the Inaugural Excellence in Cannabis Education Award for the state of New Jersey.

This course will provide information on basic cultivation practices and general knowledge of the cannabis plant including cultivation techniques, cannabis harvest, and cannabis drying and storage.

Topics Covered:
Seeds and Seedlings      
Vegetative growth
Clones and Cloning         
Cannabis Flowering
Before Harvest
Harvest and Drying
Grow Rooms

Price: $499.00


This course will focus on the use of medical marijuana to treat patients in New Jersey and beyond including the evolving political and medical landscape that has shaped legislation regarding medical marijuana.

Topics Covered:
Prevalence of Cannabis Use and Abuse
Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis
Pharmaceuticals and Research Challenges

Price: $499.00


This video lecture series will provide insight from experts involved with all aspects of Cannabis cultivation and adjacent industries, offering a variety of perspectives. The certificate graduates will retain access to this class as it will be constantly updated with new material.

Price: $399.00


Financial Accounting

Price: $79 plus Access Price


Social Work

Are you experiencing an uptick of clients who are non-monogamous? Are you hearing more clients talk about polyamory, open relationships, play partners, or that are curious about these dynamics? Does the relationship therapy you provide now include 3,4, (or more!) partners? Then this workshop is for you. 

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“Understanding the Grieving Client: Familial and Traumatic Loss Certificate” is a collection of 5 courses taught by Jennifer Vazquez, LCSW, specially curated for clinicians working with clients coping with grief and the deep loss of losing loved ones. This series will include: ○ Introduction to Grief - Thursday, May 4, 2023 ○ Grief and Death of Spouse/Partner - Thursday, May 18, 2023 ○ Grief and Death of a Child - Thursday, June 1, 2023 ○ Grief and Frontline Workers - Thursday, June 15, 2022 ○ Grief and Ambiguous Loss - Thursday, June 22, 2023 **NEW for 2023** By selecting this option, participants will be automatically enrolled in all five courses, receive 14 Clinical CEUs, a special certificate of completion, and a discounted price for the “bundle”.

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CFP Exam Preparation

Brett Danko Logo
We partner with Brett Danko, LLC to provide CFP exam preparation courses.  Brett is deeply committed to you—and to doing all that’s necessary to help you pass the CFP Exam. He walks you through everything needed for the exam, step-by-step, combining the best of materials, mentoring and performance feedback, all provided with compassion, competency and his 20+ years of experience. He will give you practical knowledge that will enhance your career by making you a better Financial Planner and helping pass your exam.


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About the Instructors:

Brett Danko:

Brett Danko Bio Pic


Brett’s not just a teacher, he is an active financial planner, just like you. He runs a successful Registered Investment Advisor, Main Street Financial Solutions, LLC(link is external), where he manages and advises his own clients.

Brett’s advice and feedback is rooted in real world, real time experience. Brett doesn’t just teach, he puts his words into action. He is also an independent financial planner, so he can provide timely, unbiased options and opinions.

A dynamic speaker and entertaining teacher(link is external), his insights and instruction will be your best preparation for taking the CFP Board Exam. If you already have your CFP certification, he provides the kind of real world support you need through his online Continuing Education and fosters your knowledge to help drive your business to the next level.

Not only is his instruction and feedback informative and noteworthy, Brett is also easily accessible to his students. By signing up for his classes or audio updates, you will have his cell phone number and his e-mail address, giving you the individual feedback you need to better your career and your business.

Brett's live courses include -

  • Brett Danko as your personal instructor
  • Course material updated for every cycle of the exam. This is not true for some competitors who print in bulk use the material over a series of exams.
  • Pricing is inclusive of all materials. If you do need to retake the review course we charge you only our cost – no profit.
  • For students who do not pass the CFP Board Exam, Brett personally follows up with a review of the results and an individualized strategy for next steps.


M. Thomas Pablo:

M. Thomas Pablo

Thomas is a passionate and energetic teacher who really enjoys being with his students.  Here is what you can expect from him in the classroom: 

A first-hand knowledge that this is the quickest and best path to becoming a CFP® practitioner.  Thomas is a Fast Track Graduate from 2006.   

Understanding the material can be enjoyable when you learn it, instead of just memorizing it. He helps you understand the material by taking complex ideas and breaking them down to simple concepts using everyday examples. You will improve your practice immediately through applying CFP® concepts that have been learned over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. The secret to a good all-day classroom experience is being charismatic and entertaining all while staying on point.  Thomas is invested in the success of his students to pass the CFP® and become lifelong practitioners.  

“Living through 2008 made me realize the importance of independence and a focus on planning and not just investments. Money has a purpose – educating a child, protecting a lifestyle, or providing stability during uncertain times. Very rarely is it to simply make more money. I became a Certified Financial Planner to gain a deeper understanding of the components of a client’s life that go well beyond investments and often have a greater impact on achieving one’s goals.”

Thomas has a strong tech background and started in the financial services industry in 1993 and worked for Merrill Lynch starting in 2004.  In 2011, Thomas fused his tech background, his MBA, and his CFP® credential to help build a financial planning-based RIA.  Thomas has been working closely with people to help them reach their most cherished goals ever since.   

Thomas has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and received his MBA from Georgetown University with the highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma).  A lifelong Washingtonian, he now lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife, three boys and an incredible black lab. 

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