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Residential Life

welcome to your new home!

Attractive residential life options are available for students at the main Galloway campus and the Chris Gaupp residences just around the corner. Beachfront living and learning will be available on the new Atlantic City campus coming Fall 2018. Experience the unique natural wonders of the Pinelands or of the beach.

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Get Involved!


Discover the many opportunities to get involved with Stockton's student organizations, fraternities and sororities, and more!

Find Organizations

Join a new organization and utilize discussion, news posts, and group messaging.

Attend Events

Discover events happening on campus or in your area.

Track Involvement

Record your activities and memberships on campus to showcase your Involvement.

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Always Something to Do

Whether a commuter student or one who lives on campus, there are many opportunities to get involved in campus life.

Learn more about residential and dining options or just hang out at the Campus Center and meet new friends - or maybe even study.

What's Happening at Stockton

Discover events happening on campus.

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Greek Life

Greek Life

Friendship & leadership opportunities are available in fraternities & sororities.

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Campus Dining

Campus Dining

Enjoy our fun, healthy dining options!

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Speak Up!


Serve the community - get involved.

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Be a sport - play club sports or intramurals.

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Stockton in Atlantic City - Opening Fall 2018

Beachfront Living & Learning

Catch the new wave of opportunity at the Stockton University campus in Atlantic City. Be the first to enjoy beachfront living and learning.

Bias Free

Bias Free

Take Notice • Take Action
Help Keep Stockton Bias Free where everyone is welcome, safe and supported.

Hero Campaign

HERO Campaign

Seeks to end drunk driving by promoting safe and sober designated drivers. Learn how you can Be a HERO!