Visual Arts Program Internship Opportunities

The ARTV program strongly encourages and supports a wide variety of career related internships for all studio and art history majors. Art History majors are required to have at least one internship at a visual arts organization. Our students regularly take advantage of opportunities in professional settings with publishers, museums, galleries, design firms, photographers, non-profit organizations and corporate environments.

In addition to internships, students in the Visual Communications track have the opportunity to work with real-world clients in our Design for Community Partners course. Student interns work with local companies, throughout the region and nationally. In the past students have taken advantage of opportunities in New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. The art faculty work to match each student with the best possible opportunities. 

Visual Arts Internship Courses

ARTV 3924 Noyes Museum Internship (4 credits)
Prerequisite: Open only to junior and senior ARTV majors. Permission of Instructor required.
Arts Course (A). Interns will work at the Noyes Museum at Kramer Hall (Hammonton) and the Arts Garage (Atlantic City). Assignments may include installation and de-installation of exhibitions; researching and writing about artists; working with computerized collection catalogue; creating exhibition signs and labels; helping plan and run special events; giving gallery tours; helping with marketing; social media; and sales in shop. Students will keep a journal or other written form of updates as required by the faculty sponsor.


ARTV 4926 Design for Community Partners (4 credits)
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor required.
Arts Course (A). Design students will work with community partners solving the visual communications problems and needs for community partner(s). The faculty member will coordinate and consult with students weekly and the community partners periodically. Work will take place on site at the arranged location(s), and during the scheduled class meetings and critiques on campus.


ARTV 4925 Visual Communications Internship (4 credits)
Prerequisite: Special Project Form required. Permission of Instructor required.
Arts Course (A). Visual communications student internships are arranged with and approved by the Internship faculty member. Internships require 16 contact hours per week during a regular semester, or 224 hours total at the internship site.


Required Paperwork and Approvals

Before the internship is approved for credit, the student must meet with a faculty sponsor to discuss the prospective internship site and expectations.

Students must complete a Stockton University Internship form with the sponsoring ARTV faculty member.  Students must bring the completed form to the Arts and Humanities School Office (K150) for approval and processing.  Information regarding administration of Internships can be accessed at Internship/Experiential Learning in the School of Arts and Humanities

The faculty sponsor will determine the required number of hours that the student is expected to accumulate over the course of the semester, as well as the assignments and requirements of the internship.