COUN Faculty

Sara Martino

Sara Martino, Ph.D. (Temple University), Professor, Director of Counseling

609-626-5504 | HIS203b
Counseling psychology, illness-related stress disorders, female aggression, gender group identity, psychology of women, marriage and family therapy.
Erin Sappio

Erin Sappio, Ph.D. (Temple University), NCSP, Visiting Assistant Professor of Counseling

609-626-3155 | J224
School psychology, reducing stigma in learning, music and recall, applied positive psychology.
Elyssa Smith

Elyssa Smith, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming), LPC, NCC, Assistant Professor of Counseling

609-626-3170 | H203
Psychodynamic theory, children and adolescents, counseling and psychotherapy process, therapeutic relationship/alliance, qualitative research methodology (arts-based and poststructural inquiry).
John H. White

John H. White, Ph.D. (North Texas State University), Professor, Internship Coordinator

609-761-1255 | AC224c
Forensic neuropsychology, serial murder, sex crimes, violent crimes, police psychology, forensic psychology, criminal investigative analysis (profiling).