Referred by Care & Community Standards


 Students referred by the Care & Community Standards Office complete a Restorative Justice Process.

Restorative justice works to repair the harms caused to the Stockton community by Code of Conduct violations.

Restorative justice emphasizes accountability, making amends, and restoring positive energy back to a community.  The goal of your service to the community -- both Stockton's community and the community that surrounds Stockton, in Atlantic County -- is to reaffirm your commitment to improving on the space rather than subtracting from it.

You have been provided an outcome to your violation of the Code of Conduct that includes a certain number of community service hours.  You will find the steps necessary within the Restorative Justice Process Blackboard space to fulfill your restorative justice obligation.

Contact the Office of Service-Learning to be enrolled in the Restorative Justice Process Blackboard space.  Call us at 609-652-4256 or stop by F009.


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