Student Support Services

Restorative Justice

Students referred by the Office of Care & Community Standards or the Office of Residential Life will complete a Restorative Justice Process which is intended to repair the harms caused to the Stockton University community by Code of Conduct violations.

Restorative Justice emphasizes accountability, making amends, and restoring positive energy back to the community.  The goal of your service to the community, both on- and off-campus, is to reaffirm your commitment to improving on the space rather than subtracting from it.

In order to complete the Restorative Justice program and clear your violation of the Code of Conduct, you must complete a certain number of community service hours. To register for the program and begin the process, contact Heather Swenson Brilla at 609-626-5531 or and you will be enrolled in the Restorative Justice Blackboard course. There you will find the five steps necessary to finish the service hours and lift the hold.


Student Resource Collaborative 

The SCCESL has established a Student Resource Collaborative (SRC) for Stockton Students without parental support (students who aged out of foster care, students who are homeless, or students who lived in informal kinship care). The Collaborative shares off-campus resources and directs students to the available on-campus resources which will allow them to keep moving towards graduation.

The Collaborative will be facilitated by SCCESL staff but students will take an active role in finding and sharing resources.

The goal of the Collaborative is to highlight the University's robust existing resources and use the SCCESL's community partners to maintain or increase Stockton's persistence and retention rates.

The SCCESL is also where students should contact when they are applying for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and meet a roadblock in their application.

For more information or to find community resources, email, call 609-626-5531, or drop in to room B-108