Community Partners



The power of the Stockton Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning lies in the mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships we build with our community partners.

On this page we invite you to learn how to become a new partner and to see the types of projects we have collaborated on in the past.


Idea Development



Examples of Collaborations



Programs and Events

Community Partners have the benefits of:

                    • Stockton Students to compete Service-Learning Projects
                    • Participation in our bi-annual Day of Service projects and Get Involved Fairs
                    • Collaboration with Stockton Faculty and Staff
                    • Participate in the bi-annual Get Involved Fair and similar activities on campus
                    • Networking with other Community Partners
                    • Utilizing many of Stockton's Resources to improve our region, state and global community.




Students benefit from their community partners:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Hands-on, practical experience
  • Building empathy through working with communities different than their own
  • Developing skills in working with people and problem solving
  • Add service experiences to their resume

Steps to becoming a Community Partner:

Meet with SCCESL staff to discuss possible collaborations which maximize the resources of the community partner and the University

Establish an Affiliation Agreement



Interested in finding a community partner or learning about our existing partners?

Link to Community Partner Finder App