Activist In Residence

students posing with checks

  • Second Year AIR Rona Whitehead, has formerly worked as a leadership specialist with the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern Jersey. She has experience in curriculum development, program implementation, volunteer management and facilitating workshops. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Sociology background in youth development and leadership.
  • Huge successes with many of the Service-Learning Courses, Student Clubs, Stockton Center for Community Engagement and community partners. 
  • Press of Atlantic City  article: Stockton’s ‘activist in residence’ connecting students, community.
  • Rona used her $2,000 programming budget to create “micro-grants” helping empower Stockton students to make more impactful and sustainable service initiatives. Students in service-learning classes and clubs/organizations applied for these funds to utilize focusing on leading them to address an issue and be directly involved in providing solutions.
    • Women in STEM Mini-Grant: to raise awareness of the difficulty women have faced in these fields
    • Save Your Brain Bonanza Mini-Grant: students received helmets and were inspired to wear them to save their brain
    • Students Helping Students: Stockton Student Senate mentoring Atlantic City High School students through workshops and on-campus events to have a better understanding what the college experience is about.
    • Poetry Anthologies & Art Corner for the Homework Completion Program at Stanley S. Holmes Village: Provided arts/craft materials via lead lessons to this program.


  • The Office of Service-Learning spends time creating meaningful connection between our conversations during dialogue sessions and planning service projects with community partners.
    To fully ensure that students have a deep understanding of these connections, we spend time in reflection sessions outside of class facilitated by our trained student facilitators, Service Engagement Advocates. Last year, 18 general out-of-classroom reflection sessions ran combining the service and learning for the overall experience.
  • Faculty also assign written reflections and ask the Office of Service-Learning to support in hosting an in-classroom oral reflection sessions with service-learning staff and with our specially trained Service Engagement Advocates (SEAs)

New York Times in Education Readership Program

Political and Civic Engagement

Democracy Cape

  • American Democracy Project & Political Engagement Project (PEP):
    • Constitution Day Keynote Speaker: Nina Totenberg, NPR Journalist
    • Special Guest Speaker: Nelson Johnson, Local Author & Historian
    • National Voter Registration Day
    • Teach-in: Atlantic City
    • Student Meetings with State Senator Jim Whalen (D) and Assemblywomen DiAnne Gove (R)
  • Democracy Café Dialogues specifically focus on political/civic issues. 2014-15 focused on the topics of Immigration, Local History, Women in Politics, National Debt, Title IX & Sexual Violence, and Environmental Policies.
  • Letter Writing Campaign to NJ’s elected officials exercised our students voices on poverty, hunger and homelessness in our local area.
  • Developed partnership with Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections to provide official voting booths for education and hosting on-campus elections.


Social Justice Education

  • Immigration in America (September 2014)
    • A “For the Greater Good” Dialogue worked in collaboration with Judith Sloan’s performance of “Crossing the Boulevard” in September 2014
    • Both events featured interactive ways for individuals to explore their knowledge and/or ignorance of their own immigration stories.
    • Additional discussion regarding the civic/political issues about immigration and immigration reform was held during our Democracy Café
  • Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty in America (November 2014)
    • November 16-23, 2015 was the National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week - featuring a diversity of programs and education
    • A “For The Greater Good” Program was held which allowed students to write letters to their local and state elected officials regarding their concerns around these issues.
    • Some students were deeply impacted by these events when they received letters back from their elected representatives.
  • Redefining Black History Month (February 2015)
    • “For the Greater Good” Dialogue Series hosted by Service Engagement Advocates Tim and Cameron, featured clips and discussion using the film “Dear White People” to address micro-aggression and racially based language on campus
    • “#BlackLivesMatter” Headliners Dialogue challenged the developing social media movements and narratives around #BlueLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, and #BlackLivesMatter
    • ITVS Film “American Denial” discussed research, behavior and attitudes on race in the US. The results - the subject of racial tension runs much deeper than an Americans care to talk about.
  • Womyn’s Herstory Month (March 2015)
    • 200 students and community members attended the Annual “Slut Walk: a March to End Rape Culture” that occurred 4/15/15. This event was completely organized and publicized by students, and had the largest turnout to date.
    • In conjunction with the Teaching Circle on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Service-Learning also co-hosted “The Hunting Ground,” documentary about sexual assault on college campuses nationwide
    • Service-Learning also continued their long standing collaborations with The Women’s Center of Atlantic County, the Atlantic County Women’s Commission, the Wellness Center and the Green Dot initiative.

Independent Lens

Evolution of a Criminal

  • Indie Lens Pop-Up is a neighborhood series that brings people together for film screenings and community-driven conversations. Featuring documentaries seen on the PBS series Independent Lens, Indie Lens Pop-Up draws local residents, leaders, and organizations to discuss what matters most, from newsworthy topics to family and relationships. This series is a free resource to the Stockton Community.
  • All films were screened at the Stockton Galloway location, with additional screenings at the Manahawkin Instructional Site and Kramer Hall in Hammonton
  • The 2014-15 Series featured 7 Films
    • Makers in Space
    • Makers in Hollywood
    • Makers in Comedy
    • Evolution of a Criminal
    • American Denial
    • The Homestretch
    • Limited Partnerships

Celebration of Service

  • The Celebration of Service allows students the opportunity to highlight  and showcase their service. In addition to Service-Learning courses, all student clubs, organizations, fraternities, sororities, and individuals engaged in service can present.
    • 2014-2015 Dates: Thursday, December 4 & Thursday, April 16

Summer Dance Workshop

  • During the Summer of 2014 (and 2015), Service-Learning provided financial assistance to the Andrea Mychael’s Dance Workshop (now titled: Summer Dance Workshop)
  • This workshop provided performing arts education to Atlantic City Youth in Dante Hall Theatre
  • 31 young adults began the workshop, with 17 able to perform with the professional dance company at the end of the three-day program
  • Stockton students who assisted the professionals all received service-learning credit on their academic transcript