Meet the Staff

The Office of Service-Learning would like to introduce you to our outstanding professional staff:

Daniel Fidalgo Tomé

  Daniel Fidalgo Tomé, Director of Service-Learning  

609-652-4256  |  F-014
Erin O'Hanlon-Keys

Erin O'Hanlon-Keys, Senior Program Coordinator,Assistant Supervisor 4, Adm NE & Adjunct Faculty

609-652-4256 | F-009
Shawn Cooper

Shawn Cooper, Program Coordinator,Professional Services Specialist 4 Adm NE

 609-652-4256 |  F-009
Aimee Wynne

Aimee Wynne, First Generation Impact Collaborative Project Coordinator

609-652-4256 | F-009
Veronica Rowland

Veronica Rowland, AmeriCorps Changebuilders Community Engagement Coordinator, New Jersey Campus Compact

609-652-4256 | F-009
Dr. Elizabeth "Betsy" Erbaugh

Dr. Elizabeth "Betsy" Erbaugh, Assistant Professor of Sociology Faculty Fellow for Service-Learning

609-652-4639 | C137
Dr. Leanne Sims

Dr. Leanne Sims, Activist in Resident / Vera King Farris Fellow, Service-Learning

609-626-3151 | E-216E
Mohammad Ullah

Mohammad Ullah, AmeriCorps VISTA / New Jersey Campus Compact, Addiction Prevention Specialist - Join Together Atlantic County

 (609) 225-1928 |   626 N Shore Rd.Absecon, NJ, 08201