Logging in with a Proxy account

  1. Ensure you've been added as a Proxy user.

    A student must manually add a proxy user to their account. Emails containing the login link and PIN number will be sent to the email address entered during the proxy setup. 

  2. Locate the automated email, and log into the system.

    Locate an email with the subject Stockton-Proxy Setup.  This email will contain a login link and PIN number you'll need to log into the system.

    Sample email showing PIN and Login link
    The setup email you receive will contain your PIN and a link to proxy login page.
    Enter the action password
    Enter the PIN number from the setup email in the action password field.
    reset pin screen
    Upon first login you will be required to create a new PIN for future access.

    If you didn't recieve an email:

    If a student has added you a as proxy user, and you didn't receive a setup email, be sure to check your junk and spam folders.

    If no email with the subject "Stockton - Proxy Setup" was found, you can manually request a PIN reset as long as the student used your email address when setting up your account.

    Instructions for manually resetting your PIN

  3. View the student records that have been made available.

    Records access screen
    Locate and click on the tab with the student's name to view the records that you have been provided access