Inauguration of Dr. Harvey Kesselman

Inauguration of Dr. Harvey Kesselman

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Congratulations Dr. Kesselman, so happy for you!! Thanks for all you have done for Hamilton Township and now my Alma Matter Stockton University!!! All the best and our thanks from a couple who was there at the beginning of Stockton time-the Mayflower.
Michele and Paul Bellinger '75
Congratulations on this special day in Stockton's history. You've been a constant at Stockton since it's inception and I know that you and Lynne are proud of Stockton and your roles. I wish you success in leading the University to it's next phase and look forward to being a part of what Stockton will become under your leadership!
Lonnie Folks
Sincere congratulations on your recent inauguration and formal appointment as President of our wonderful Stockton University. I am so proud to be an alumnus and of the strides that Stockton has made over the years, and, even more important, to be working for you! As an alumnus, I cannot begin to express how moving it has been to witness your career progression, from working with EOF many years ago when I was a student, all the way to the presidency - how inspiring! Equally significant, is your demeanor with those with whom you interact. You are always gracious, respectful and truly a wonderful person. I am so blessed to know you and to be under your leadership. I wish you all the best during the your next chapter at Stockton. Please know that I will be available to support you in any way I can and I am grateful for the opportunities which you have enabled me to enjoy. Warm Regards
Felicia Grondin '84, Associate Director, Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism
Congratulations! The University is very lucky to have you at the helm.
I watched your speech via LiveStream - excellent job! It was like being right there in the room. I now feel like I am practically an alumnus of the University...
It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to the continued success of the University and the Investment Fund. Very Best Regards
Seth Yablonovitz
CONGRATULATIONS DR. KESSELMAN: You have earned this great distinction and I am confident that you will lead Stockton University to an even higher standard of excellence in the future. I am so proud to know you and even more proud of your accomplishments that has led you to this wonderful and exciting opportunity as the PRESIDENT of our beloved SU. May God Bless You In Your LEADERSHIP Sir! Go Ospreys!
Rick Robinson '86

Congratulations on your awesome accomplishments: from Stockton undergraduate to Stockton president. Best Wishes!

Dr. Jean W. Harris, 2007-08 ACE Fellow at Stockton

I helped to form and originate the rebirth of WLFR back in 1982. I graduated in 1986 and stayed with the school community via the radio station and the Performing Arts Center until 1992. The radio station was a very valuable experience and a vehicle for a myriad of opportunities that lead to me touring the country and finishing my novel. I am now the Director of Technology Transfer at Eastern Virginia Medical School and while that may seem like a twist in the plot the experiences I gained at and through Stockton inform my life today. It wasn't all just cables and microwaves as I took classes in art, philosophy, writing, religion and economics. I had such a tremendous experience with my time at Stockton University. It was a time of upheaval personally and then great success. It was very enriching academically, and privately. The faculty, staff and students I encountered were informed, passionate, deep and challenging and the challenges were just as important as the accolades. It was such an unbelievably rich experience for me that I love that school and the friends I made along the way. I learned so much from the entire community that I brim with fondness as I recall and remember a vast array of experiences and people that cut across the spectrum. It was a very welcoming and open community and I can not stress how important that is for anyone at any time. A place to plant yourself and grow is more than a motto that dresses down cynicism it is the essence of life. In some very real ways and certainly as a part of the mix of who I am I still ride that momentum as our experiences shape who we are. I enthusiastically recommend Stockton to anyone who will listen and wish you continued success and prosperity. Thank you for overseeing a life long stewardship of such a wonderful institution. Sincerely and with Respect

 Paul B. DiMarco, Author Journey Home, Class of 1986

I personally congratulate His Excellency Dr. Kesselman as the new President of Stockton University and wish him all the best and success in his new position.

Ahmed Elbeshir '13 

Congratulations! I am so glad I could be there to share this momentous occasion with you. You will lead Stockton onto great success. I am proud to be a part of the wonderful Stockton tradition. 

Suze DiPietro Manager, Stockton PAC, MA '16  

Congratulations from the Class of `83 

Ray Bingham '83 

Congratulations and best wishes on your inauguration as President of Stockton University! Great things are in store for Stockton University! I look forward to having the opportunity to become part of the Stockton community by becoming a contributing member toward Stockton's future success. 

Susan E. Romeo '89 

I can attest to the fact that you truly have had a front row seat in the development of Stockton. I know that if Dick Bjork were alive, he would be soooooo proud. Herb and I couldn't be happier that you are now its President. You deserve it, and we can't wait to see Stockton's future with you at the helm. Congratulations and best wishes for a fantastic future! Regards and hugs...  

Carol Brown '79, former secretary to Richard E. Bjork 

Remember me, from the Skills Center, & my sec'y Kathy Mercanto (Echevarria)? I just wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on this wonderful achievement and to wish you good fortune. Again, congratulations on this major accomplishment.

Bob Anderson 

I want to congratulate you on this incredible step and phase of your life! As an alumni, I have watched Stockton University unfold and develop into a great institution that I am proud to say I am a graduate of. It provided me with the tools necessary to go on to further my education and eventually allow me to open my own business in alternative/holistic health care. I am confident that you will continue to bring Stockton down a path of continued growth and development and continue to achieve even higher levels of success. I wish you the best in your future, your happiness, health and legacy. I know you will make us all proud! God Bless! 

Dr. David J. Calabro '96 

Wow, congratulations to Dr. Kesselman! I'm so proud to call myself an alumna of a school where someone who cares as much as he does has risen up to power. He is truly an amazing man and I'm looking forward to see the amazing things that happen during his presidency! Once an osprey, always an osprey! 

Victoria Dean, '16 

Heartiest congratulations and best wishes moving forward. Stockton is truly a special place and a special experience. 

Cathy S. Martin MSW, LCSW and Robert Martin MBA, CFP 

Special congratulations and all good wishes for your future with Stockton University. From a long time friend of Stockton and the PAC and a member of the AC Rotary Club 

Herb and Faith Stern

Congratulations, Harvey, and best wishes on your journey as Stockton's 5th president. May your deep roots in Stockton's history and your distinctive vision for its future bring continued success to both you and to the university.  

Dr. Deborah Gussman

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman on your well-deserved appointment as President of Stockton University. Your leadership, inspiration and the vision for the University's future is commendable. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this momentous celebration and ongoing journey. Best wishes to you and First Lady Lynne for continued success. 

Marie Ricci  

Congratulations! You've come a long way from the Office Of Student Services. There is no one better suited to lead SSC. 

Nancy Freisberg '84 

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement.  

Gloria Santilli 

The commemoration of your special day was stellar! Thank you for inviting me to your inauguration ! You have taken a giant step from the Mayflower Hotel to University status. Congrats and good luck in your new position as President of Stockton University! 

Dori Fabricant Waldman 

Dr. Kesselman congratulations on your inauguration as the fifth president of Stockton University. 

Mark Laccetti  

HK, I was very very excited to be able to participate in your inauguration installation. Not to mention that it was well earned on its face, but it meant a lot to me because of what you've done for me personally and professionally. It was also wonderfully enlightening to hear similar stories from others. Simply put, you are an impactful force that happens to reside in South Jersey, but who has had an impact on the world that extends far beyond what you could ever see or know. My hope and prayer for you is that you remain steadfast, aggressive, humble, effective, grounded and reachable. If you can do this, the advocates that you have around you will be that much more enabled to extend your impactful reach even further. Take care of yourself, and as I continue to say, I'm always here to help if you need me. 

Donald Ellis Moore 

What an amazing day! I was proud to be part of your celebration and congratulate you, Lynne and your beautiful family. You ARE Stockton, and there is no place I would rather be! Congratulations...Stockton will thrive with you at the helm, and I am honored to be along for the journey. 

Nancy Capella, Office of the President 

What an awesome and powerful tribute to the commencement of your tenure as president! Every part was fantastic, we were just sorry, with the throngs of well-wishers, that we missed the chance to tell you personally. You rocked😄 

Dr. Michael and Michele Ginieczki 

I was at the inauguration. It as a beautiful event. Congratulations. I look forward to working with you (I am the president of the PAC Board, and I know you are laughing....Dr. Hadley's mother). I am looking forward to wonderful things for Stockton University in the future. I wish you good health and happiness and much laughter and I know you will be planning great things for Stockton. Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Blessings. 

Hazel A. Mueller, President of the Stockton University PAC Board of Directors 

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the R/V Petrel Commissioning this past summer and also representing the class of 2008 at your inauguration ceremony. I wanted to extend my congratulations to you and share my excitement for the future of Stockton! I came back to Stockton for a second degree because this school in the middle of the Pine Barrens will always hold a special place in my heart, and I believe it does in yours also! Take good care of us all and our home away from home! Thank you for always looking so positive and for saying hello to every student on campus like I have seen. I am excited for the future of Stockton University! 

Courtney Venuti '08 (& current student!) 

Best wishes and congratulations! Your identity as President is unique in that it represents Stockton of the past and present, as you lead Stockton into the future. All the best

Nancy M. Messina, Assistant Dean, ARHU '82, '99 

What a joy to be a part of the celebration of your installation as President of Stockton University. I should have known from our in depth and productive Student Senate executive board meetings in the 80's that one day you would be President! It has truly been and honor and my pleasure to be a part of Stockton's journey. I look forward to our bright future! Thank you for your untiring service!

Michele Collins-Davies 

Congratulations Harvey! Your inauguration is a proud moment in Stockton's history. We are fortunate to have you at Stockton for years to come. Best wishes. 

Marilyn '80 and Lou Vito  

Congratulations to you on achieving your dream. I've witnessed your journey almost from the beginning, and I once had a perfect seat to watch as you traveled this road. May God's blessings shine upon you as you continue your journey. 

Ann Sterling '04  

Congratulations President Kesselman. 

 Jo Lema 

You can feel the life breathing back into the community that Stockton was, and should always be. Students have no idea how lucky they are to thrive under this leadership. Congratulations President Kesselman, and this is the best news for any alumni who are proud of where they come from. 

 Ann Edmonds 

Great event. Glad Dan and I could attend. All the best always 

Bev Pagano  

I was privileged to be part of your inauguration and the Stockton University community experience. It was an auspicious day. Please accept my congratulations. 

Marc A. Citron Esq. 

Congrats to you !!! 

Walter Moskal '80

Senior Oceanographer    

Naval Oceanography Operations Center    

Stennis Space Center, Mississippi 

Congratulations we wish you the best..certainly it will be the best for Stockton. 

 Peter and Gena Mitoulis

Everyone is so happy for you, your wife and family. But we are especially happy for we know that you will continue your extraordinary work ethic to make Stockton greater and greater... We love and support this new presidential era. Keep up the good work! 

Judge Audrey Kernan '88 

Congratulations Harvey! Stockton could not be in better hands. 

Jay Haimowitz '85 

Your speech was truly inspiring. I applaud your choice of Jon Blair. Many wishes for a long, happy & healthy Presidency. Stockton is so very fortunate to have you at the helm.Congratulations! 

Joan Sylvester-Joseph 

Congrats Mr. President. Just think I use to teach adjunct for you 30 some years ago. Best wishes. 

Alyce Parker 

Congratulations and thank you Dr. Kesselman, this is a wonderful day for Stockton! 

Karen Diemer  

Congratulations! I wish you success and the best of luck! 

Jessica Bolich 

You have been an integral part of Stockton's story from the very beginning. Having worn more hats than probably any other member of Stockton's family, the culminating title of the President of Stockton University is deserving of one so passionately dedicated to supporting life-long learning and the pursuit of higher education. Congratulations on achieving the highest honor in academia! 

Brenda Brathwaite '07  

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! Thank you for your commitment to Stockton's growth and for creating a new vision for the future. Your continued passion for the alma mater is greatly appreciated. 

Stephanie Tusi '13 

Congratulations on your new positions from your old friend on the Board of Trustees! 

 Derek van Dam '95 

I'm sure Paul would have written one of his notorious celebratory poems for you to mark this wonderful occasion. I can only extend my heartfelt congratulations on this day and I wish you all the very best in the years to come. 

 Mary Hardwick

Congratulations to Dr. Harvey Kesselman on the occasion of your formal inauguration as President of Stockton University. This is truly one of the most deserved appointments in our Region's history. Dr. Kesselman has already taken Stockton University to new heights. The best is still yet to come. Dr. Kesselman is the perfect Chief Executive Officer to oversee the upcoming Stockton University Atlantic City campus, and, the exciting next chapter of Stockton University.       

With deep admiration and respect ...    Your friend, Harry Hurley 

Harry Hurley 

Congratulations! I wish you much success as you take the helm at Stockton, my beloved alma mater, and as you steer the ship moving forward. 

Dr. Terry Rey '85 

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman. Thank you for staying at Stockton! We are all the better for it. 

Jason R. Milewski MBA '03, '11  

Congratulations to you on such a beautiful day! The best to you and blessings. 

Susan B. Barron 

Congratulations. Sorry I couldn't be there today. All the best  

Michael Azeez 


Joe D'Agostino  

Congratulations and best wishes, Dr. Kesselman, on your inauguration as President of Stockton University!  

Rev. Chris Tobin 

I just wanted to congratulate you once again on your well deserved appointment to the presidency of Stockton. I wish you great success and a long, rewarding tenure. 

Jim Minor 

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman. Thank you for your wisdom, stories, for helping me plant myself where I could truly grow. 

Ms. Alexis Scott '16  

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

David J. Ossowski '91 

Congrats Harvey! I could not be more proud of the vision and progress you have brought and will bring to my alma mater!

Edward P. Martino 

On behalf of ELS Language Centers, we wish Stockton University and its worldwide family of students, alumni, faculty and dedicated employees all the best in reaching all of its goals and beyond as you lead the institution in becoming a truly global clarion. 

Jeff Hutcheson, Director, US Operations  

Congratulations! I look forward to a bright future at Stockton.  

Brooke Lew  

Congratulations Harvey! Today is a great day for all of us alumni who love Stockton. God Bless. 

Ken Mosca '83  

Congratulations! Your Stockton success is an inspiration to our students and the entire campus community. 

Joshua Duntley, Ph.D. 

Congratulations on this awesome achievement! I am so sorry I am unable to attend the festivities as planned. You will lead Stockton with your honesty, congeniality and intelligence and we are lucky to have you! Congratulations and enjoy this very special day!

Debra P. DiLorenzo, President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey 

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! 

Mark Blum  

Congratulations on becoming Stockton's fifth President! I know you will do great things for Stockton! 

Michael Wood 

Congratulations and our very best wishes on this momentous occasion. Stockton is lucky to have you at the helm in this era of great change and growth in both size and reputation. 

Dr. Peter Straub '80 & Mrs. Paula Straub 

Congratulations, the best is yet to be! 

Dawn Ireland 

I would like to express my appreciation of your acceptance as the President of Stockton University. I have complete confidence you will lead us to the next chapter of Stockton’s life. You are the most energetic, enthusiastic person I have ever worked with; you bring an energy that is infectious and will continue to bring great things to Stockton. Congratulations on your special day of recognition. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the celebration! 

Mary D. Hughes 

I am so glad you stayed at Stockton (Winters are too cold in Maine!) I see a great global future for Stockton with you at the helm!  

Lois Spitzer, School of Education 

Congratulations and good luck! 

Sharon Musher  

Congratulations President Kesselman. It was a long time coming but definitely worth the wait - and the ride. 

Donna S. Wanat 

Congratulations President Kesselman on this special day of your inauguration. The love and dedication you have for Stockton will continue to be borne out under your leadership and I've known no other leader as dynamic as you; I can't wait to see the continued evolution of the institution with you at the helm. You've been unwavering in your commitment to global education and expanding the reach of the institution across national borders. The horizons of our students will undoubtedly grow even more under your leadership.  

India Karavackas  

President Kesselman, this is a great and most momentous day in the history of this wonderful university. Congratulations and best wishes to you and Lynne!  

Carole LoBue  

Congratulations Harvey! I can't think of a better person to lead this amazing institution. I have learned so much from you and look forward to seeing your vision come to fruition. 

Susan Davenport 

Congratulations President Kesselman on your appointment. May the time of your leadership be marked with great Stockton success! No one is better positioned for Stockton's presidency than you. I look forward to the University's trajectory with you at the helm. Wishing you all the best! 

Philip T. Ellmore  

Hope your day is fantastic! Unfortunately, I can't be there for your inauguration but look forward to the video. 

Millie Romanelli 

Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman!! Enjoy your day! 

Linda Dotts, NAMS Labs 

Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman! I am new to Stockton University this year but have heard such wonderful things about you and your initiatives. I am very excited to get to know you, and I wish you the best!  

Carla Cabarle 

Dr. Kesselman, what a great honor to have the opportunity to congratulate you for such a great breakthrough in your professional career. I can’t help it but to think of the scripture that says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11.

I wholeheartedly believe that becoming the President of Stockton has always been your intended future, and there is no one else better to be at the head of this noble institution of higher learning. May you be endowed with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding from above to fulfill your assignment as President of this great institution, and that the plans of whomsoever intends to disrupt your assignment be rendered null always. 


Congratulations! In my time at Stockton, I have watched you lead in extraordinary ways as my Dean, Provost, and President.  I am looking forward to seeing how we continue to grow and develop as an institution under your leadership. I am so glad to be a part of this very special day 

Kim Lebak

Soon to be Stockton University's President! Just a note to Thank You for accepting the role of our university's president. Everyone here is overjoyed and, most importantly, secure in the fact that you have Stockton, ours, and the students' well being as your utmost agenda. Have a Wonderful Day and Evening! We are excited and happy for you & Mrs. Kesselman. 

Rosemary and Anthony Powalie, Jr.

Richard E. Bjork Library Reference Desk

What a journey my friend!  

I remember the Mayflower Hotel as a college on the "Boards." I was an employee of the NJ Division of Taxation doing my duties in AC and I would see the Stockton students taking their breaks on those same "Boards." No doubt you were among those students.

Later, knocking on many, many doors during my campaigning days for township committee in the Forest Walk community our paths crossed. I was extremely proud to have helped you during your tenure on our local school board, trying to make sure the accuracy of school records. You had my total support when you decided to take a run for our township committee. Another term and I am sure that you would have joined our "Mayors Circle".

 I was again honored to be asked to help out at SRI/ETTC providing whatever support I am able, to assure success to a program you instituted. I was dismayed attending your farewell but it was a joyous farewell at that. On your way to the far reaches of the north, so to speak. But, WHAT? You are not leaving after all. (I kinda’ had that feeling it was going to go that way). Stockton University has won again. I wish you well. May all your visions come true. You have my full support.

John J. Percy, III

Former Mayor, Township of Hamilton, Former Accountant, Hamilton Township School Board, Data Assistant, SRI/ETTC

Congratulations, President Kesselman! We are extremely fortunate and grateful to have you as our president!!
JY Zhou
The Stockton community is privileged and excited to have one of its own serving in this role! We are all so grateful for your passion and dedication to Stockton and its students and alumni. Good luck in your new role!
Mike Mandola, PhD '00
Congratulations on becoming Stockton's fifth President! The love, loyalty and devotion you have for this University has always been clear for as long as I have known you--for me that's over 28 years! You have a vision that is so strong and positive regarding the future of the University and for the community around it. I am proud to say I am a Stockton graduate and our President is AWESOME! I wish you all the best in this position.
Marieann Bannan '08
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman!! Looking forward to your leadership!!
Dr. John White
Congratulations on your inauguration. Thank you for making all of the faculty and staff feel welcome and I wish you great success in your tenure as University President.
Kenneth C Cabarle, Adjunct Instructor NAMS
Congratulations on your official inauguration as President. It's great to have someone with so much Stockton history leading us into the future. You have a true passion and deep dedication for this place that assures us that you will continue to strive to make Stockton the best it can be.
Michael Ferraro
Everyone at The Follett Corporation extends our congratulations and very best wishes to Dr. Kesselman on his Inauguration as President of Stockton University!
Sharon Baron, Regional Manager, Follett
I've always been proud to work at Stockton, but even more so now with you as our fearless leader. I know your Presidency will bring great things to Stockton, our students and the community. Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman!
Nikki Strothers
Congratulations on becoming the 5th President of Stockton. You truly embody the heart and spirit of Stockton. Thank you for all you have done for Stockton; in the past, today and the future.
Dr. M. Alysia Mastrangelo
Best wishes and congratulations to you on your Presidency. I appreciate your dedication to Stockton University, both as an employee and as a parent of Stockton students. Thank you for all that you do!
Ronnie Carlini
I simply cannot express how happy I am for Stockton University that you will be its fifth President. I was fortunate to have met you on my first day at Stockton, when despite your busy schedule and stature at the University, you took the time to personally welcome me as a new employee. You embody "Stockton Friendly" and it is evident how deeply you care for the institution and every student, faculty member and staff member here. Your leadership at the University has been exemplary as you have guided us through some very challenging times. Through your Vision Tours you have shared your plans for Stockton's exciting future, including our new quad project and Atlantic City campus which will soon be a reality. You inspire us all and I look forward to working with you to make Stockton one of the finest Universities.
Maggie Quinn
Congratulations! Under your leadership, Stockton will continue to grow and serve southern New Jersey as the educational innovator. Best of luck!
Dr. Anne Erickson, Drexel University Faculty, Stockton Parent, & Mays Landing Resident
Congratulations on your life's achievements and for living your dream.
Linda Rhinier
Best wishes. Continue to make Stockton great. I look forward to an exciting few years with you being the President and honored to attend while you're in office.
Jalisa Chance
On the eve of your inauguration, I congratulate you for an amazing accomplishment and wish that your passion to lead Stockton on a bright path lasts for years to come!
Merydawilda Colón
Congratulations on your inauguration as President of Stockton University. You have always been a friend to me and I believe you are definitely the best choice for this position. Best of luck to you and Lynne in whatever the future brings.
Dorothy Eckhardt, Retiree
Twenty-five years ago, you attended a "luncheon" at Free to Be, the campus child care center. At the time, I was a part-time teacher. I am retiring in October. It's been my pleasure and privilege to have been part of the Stockton community. Thank you and congratulations!
Sharon Dempsey, Free to Be
I have always had admiration for you personally and professionally, so your rise to University President comes as no surprise. Cheers and best wishes on your continued success and happiness.
Sue Burrows
Big congratulations, President Kesselman. Only you could lead us through this period of transition at Stockton. Looking forward to your guidance through to the other side.
Carra Leah Hood, Assistant Provost
We are thrilled for you and this major milestone. Stockton is fortunate to have your leadership and vision. We are grateful to be a part of this community.
Amanda, Peter and Taylor, the Murphy Writing Team of Stockton
It is such an exciting time to be at Stockton with you as it's 5th president! Congratulations!! I look toward the future of Stockton with excitement and anticipation of what your leadership will bring to our university. I feel very fortunate to be here with you at the helm.
Cindy Gove
Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman
Dr. Diane Holtzman
Congratulations! Enjoy this moment. It is well-deserved. We all take pride in your accomplishments. Be well and have a happy new year!
Steve Weinstein
To my Colleague and friend Harvey Kesselman: It pains me to be unable to attend the Inauguration. I want to witness the excitement, the parade, the unveilings; I want to participate in the enjoyment, the celebration, the literal song and dance; I want to congratulate you and witness your joy as we honor the University, its history and now you as ushering in its future. I will sit elsewhere on this day and dream myself into the event – know that I am indeed there with you and Lynne. I know that you will “take care” of the University because, given your history, you are uniquely situated to connect all the moments of her life. You know what Stockton has been and the true beauty of the vision that established her, you have lived through the many years that have modified the expression of that vision – sometimes for best and sometimes for worst, you are therefore capable of knowing Stockton as few others can. Spanning the whole, you can embrace the whole and can, therefore, truly “make us whole”. Find her soul and carry that with you as we make real once again the vision that is our Stockton. Congratulations. With admiration and deep affection
Anne F. Pomeroy, Professor of Philosophy
Congratulations! You are the man for the job at right time! A great leader, with the passion and vision to make Stockton a well known and respected educational institution.
Willie J. Barnes, III
Congratulations! Your passion for the institution and dedication to our students are invaluable assets and will make for a bright future.
Kelly Morris, Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Your leadership of Stockton University is a tremendous point of pride for Stockton alumni. Best wishes as you continue to build upon Stockton's transformation growth, success and "students first" strategic vision.
Sara Faurot Crowley, Director of Alumni Relations
Congratulations on your inauguration as the fifth President of Stockton University. You are the miracle that Stockton needed and received when you chose to stay. Your leadership, efforts and vision are inspiring. The first time I met you, you were walking into the Parkway Building as I was walking out. Your words of encouragement have not been forgotten, and I look forward to continue working for you.
Joan Fortune, SASI
Congratulations President Kesselman/Harvey on a well deserved promotion. I honestly thought you should have gotten it years ago.
Stan Rice
Congratulations...We are so happy you stayed on as President.
Phil Polsinelli
Congratulations! Thank you for your inspiring leadership, extraordinary passion and unmatched devotion to the Stockton community. We are all very fortunate to have you as our President. Best wishes and continued success!
Geoffrey Pettifer '92
Congratulations on your appointment as President! It is a prestigious title and you certainly deserve it. I will participate in the ceremony tomorrow, representing the Undergraduate Class of 2002. Best wishes, enjoy your day tomorrow.
Lia B.
Its been a long journey to your current place at Stockton. Plenty of ups and downs. Its been a pleasure to have travelled with you. You've always managed to keep your perspective and good nature. Congratulations and good wishes for a productive presidency!
Bob Helsabeck, faculty of 1971
Wishing you congratulations on your inauguration tomorrow and continued success in the future!
Karen M. Garcia, Esquire, Adjunct Faculty Member
Stockton University is truly blessed to have you as the fifth President. I look forward to following your mission and vision, as the organization unveils a new chapter of growth and development. Congratulations Mr. President, it truly is an honor to serve under you. Fly High Osprey Fly !
Robert Ferguson '78
You were made for this presidency! It's a perfect match, and I'm glad to see you excel in it. I wish you continued success, and look forward to new and exciting innovations for Stockton! I honestly believe that no other president has been able to do what you've done already!!
Deb Dagavarian
Dr. Beverly J. Vaughn, Professor of Music
Thank you for all the work you and Lynne has been doing since the day both of you chose to stay, and be chosen to lead this University. You represent the best of Stockton, both in spirits and in action. Looking forward to be working with you and Stockton family for many more years to come. Congratulations, Harvey!
Hannah Ueno
Thank you for always thinking about the needs of Stockton!! I look forward to celebrating this monumental occassion with you!
Dr. Allison N. Sinanan
Dennis Fotia
Congratulations President Kesselman! Thank you so much for supporting the continued growth and success of the School of Health Sciences! Amazing achievements will continue to be made with you leading the way!
Dr. Laurie L. Shanderson
Congratulations on becoming the fifth president of Stockton. You have done so much for the University already and thank you for your leadership.
John Wnek
Congratulations, Harvey. It is indeed an honor and pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your genuine leadership and unwavering support. I wish you the best as you lead Stockton with into the future with responsiveness and authenticity.
George F. Sharp
Congratulations Harvey, you've had the heart and vision for Stockton since the very beginning. I'm honored to know you but more so that you know me. Thank you for everything you do for the Stockton community that has become my family. Looking forward to the future with you at the helm!
Dan Gambert '00
Congratulations, Mr. President! You have always been my favorite superstar. Long may you run
Rebecca Harlan (Stickel)
Congratulations on your appointment as President of Stockton University. Your long term work and dedication to the mission of Stockton is truly remarkable, and serves as an inspiration to the faculty and staff at Stockton. I look forward to celebrating your inauguration with Song!
Michael McGarvey, Professor of Art
Dr. Kesselman, congratulations on your presidency. The Stockton family is excited to have you. As an alumni, I have seen the college transition from a great college into a wonderful University, and I am confident that we will continue to see growth and development in many aspects of the institution under your leadership.
Dr. Carmelita Graham
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! I couldn't think of anyone more befitting to lead us as President.
Esther Lawrence, Assistant Dean
Congratulations and best wishes for a fantastic experience as a leader of our great university! You deserve all our respect. Thank you for your dedication!
Ms. Benita P. Villar NAMS
President Kesselman, Congratulations on your inauguration. Your own academic pilgrimage from student to President is an excellent example of the power of opportunity. With your vision, you will certainly take Stockton higher and farther than anyone else could. Good luck as you usher in a new era at Stockton!
Sonia V. Gonsalves
It is with a profound sense of historical significance that we congratulate you on the occasion of your inauguration as the fifth president of Stockton University. May the road ahead be full of success, and may your leadership remain inspired and inspiring.
Sal & Peg Fiore
All my best wishes and congratulations. It is good to have someone leading Stockton who loves it and understands it.
Lucinda S. Jassel, Professor Emerita
Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman! Wishing you and Lynne all the best, as always, and looking forward to a bright future! Enjoy your special day!
Bill Neiderhofer & Andrea Neiderhofer '06
Congratulations, Harvey, on this auspicious occasion. On behalf of the entire Division of Student Affairs, we wish you and Lynne the very best and great success in your roles. We rejoice in your success in your exceptional career and are here to support you and our students during this momentous period in Stockton’s history.
Dr. Thomasa Gonzalez, Vice President for Student Affairs
Congratulations on your inauguration! I know you have been involved in Stockton for many years and in many different capacities, but as I like to tell my students, every semester is a new start! As I am beginning my career at Stockton, l am excited to see your informed leadership in action for many years to come. Looking forward to learning and working together!
Dr. Jessie K. Finch, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Thank you very much for doing all those amazing things for our Stockton University!  Congrats on being the Fifth President of Stockton University!
Xu (Bevin) Song
Congratulations Harvey. A great person who deserves the very best in life. Stockton is very fortunate to have you as a leader. Looking forward to many more "hockey conversations". Thank you for supporting my career from Day 1.
Tom O'Donnell
We wish you only the best of successes in this latest leadership role at Stockton.
Sheldon & Sharon '80 Schulman
Congrats on a wonderful career and achievement. Really something to be proud of--the culmination of a career filled with hard work, dedication, empathy, thoughtfulness, and boundless energy. Stockton is indeed lucky that you agreed to stay. I look forward to working with you and building Stockton's future--one that I believe is quite bright.
Dr. Oliver Cooke
Congratulations on becoming Stockton's 5th President. Today is your day, enjoy every moment!
Joann Golden Bishop, Bookstore Manager
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman on your inauguration to this exceptional University! Best wishes to you!
Andrea Garcia, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Occupational Therapy
Congratulations! It's been a long time coming, I wish you great success in this new chapter, and thank you for your ongoing service to our university.
Arleen & Bill Gonzalez 
Congratulations on your Presidency at Stockton! We at the University are extremely fortunate and look forward to your leadership. You have done a magnificent job in your short term as president.
John Boyle, Assistant Professor of Business
Congratulations on becoming the new President of Stockton University. It could not have gone to a better person who wishes his students to make a difference in the world. You have been at Stockton from the beginning and now will see the future of the university with your vision.
Doug Cervi '02
We congratulate you on your presidency at Stockton University! What an incredible achievement. We can only imagine how proud your mentor and friend, Dr. Vera King Farris, would be to see you step into the role as Stockton's fifth president and we continue to offer our support to you and our new first lady, Mrs. Lynne Kesselman for many years to come. Best Wishes for an outstanding inauguration and presidency!

Brian K. Jackson and Michael R. Baker

Congratulations to you and your family! You're the best!
Jeff Haines (Athletics)
Congratulations and all best wishes on your upcoming inauguration. May you enjoy many happy, healthy, and productive years in your new position.
Dr. Robert E. Fierstien
Many people dream, some try, but only a few achieve! Congratulations President Kesselman--your patience and persistence has finally paid off.
Pat Cocozza
Best of luck as you move the unversity forward. I am still an adjunct so I do stay in contact with a lot of Stockton faculty and staff and all are very happy with the leadership you have displayed. Keep up the great work.
Glenn M. Miller, Former Chief of Police of Stockton College Police Department
Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman. I believe Stockton will have a bright future under your leadership.
Helen Wei, Associate Professor
I have had the privilege of seeing your drive and motivation culminate into great successes because of the untiring effort you put in all you do and your commitment to Stockton University is personally inspiring. Your vision for the future of the institution is filled with great promise for our students, faculty and staff. The passion you have for Stockton University is contagious and nurtures a culture that is open, transparent and inclusive. You are an amazing individual and I am honored to have you as the President of Stockton University. Congratulations on your success!
Paul Taman '90
I have been an employee at Stockton since 2013. I met Dr. Kesselman in the hallway the first week I was here and thought to myself, "what a great guy". You were approachable, outgoing, and friendly. I am honored to be part of the Stockton family and so happy that you will be our President. I have no doubt that you will do a fantastic job! Congratulations!!
Kathleen Siracusa, LCSW
Congratulations! Hope you enjoy every minute of this celebration!!!
Patty Brown
My congratulations to you on this wonderful occasion. My sincere regrets that I am traveling and not able to attend your inauguration ceremony. I am so proud of you. I told Jon Blair that I received high ratings at Marple Newtown because of an excellent rapport between a "new" teacher and a kind and memorable student named Harvey.

Madame Brogan Dickey

(Kathleen B. Dickey)

Congratulations from Chapel Hill, NC. I miss my Stockton faculty family so very much but am honored to still get to work with students and staff as an adjunct. It warms my heart to know that someone who has given their heart and soul to the college and cares so much for the staff and students is finally at the helm. I wish my Dad were still here as I know he would be thrilled to see you inaugurated as the new President. He has always spoken so highly of your family. I wish I could be there personally but I will be there in spirit. I am so excited to see you in this position. I cannot think of anyone more deserving. Congratulations to you and your family. It is a great day for Stockton University!
Dr. Sharon deVecchis-Konowitz
We have passed through many Stockton events, changes, ups, and downs over the past (almost) 40 years. They have been fun and very productive, so I heartily congratulate you on moving through the ranks and reaching a goal and position where you can effect many more positive things for Stockton. I've always been thankful for your support and continue to be proud and happy to be a part of the Stockton team. I look forward to many more productive efforts under your leadership
Tom Grites
A great day for Stockton! Thanks for your service, and best wishes in these challenging times.
John Froonjian
Congratulations Harvey. Sorry I can't make your inauguration, but I'll be there in spirit. I'm so glad after all these years that Stockton is in competent and caring hands.
Don Plank
Congratulations! Looking forward to your leadership.
Dr. Laura Taylor
Congratulations President Kesselman!!! On this historical day I want to tell, not just the Stockton community, but the world, how blessed we are to have you as our 5th President. You are my hero. You don't even realize it, both of my girls and family all know what you have done for me. You came into my life when I was at my lowest point and picked me up without a hesitation. As a single mom, I was just days from being evicted from my home with 2 small children. I had no family or friends living close enough for me to live with. I never said a word to anyone, I just showed up each day to work hoping and praying that God would answer my prayers. You came into the office fast and furious, as you always do, but stopped just long enough to ask me if something was wrong. I don't know how you knew, but you just did. When I finally said it out loud, you jumped into action and before the end of the day, I had an affordable place to live, folks to support my move and no longer feeling hopeless!! You did the same thing when Stockton was in a bad place. You jumped into action without a hesitation, and before we knew it, Stockton was back in the light again! All I can say is, "You're da man"! Can't wait to make more happy Stockton memories with you as our leader!
Theresa Marinelli
Wishing you luck and best wishes in your new role. The possibilities are endless!
Brooke Rollman
Wishing you sincere congratulations on your official appointment as President of Stockton University. Your rich roots in the New Jersey area blended with the many roles held at Stockton make you a perfect fit! I am honored to be a part of the Stockton community and have you leading our way into the future.
Dr. Norma Boakes, Faculty of Stockton University
Congratulations Harvey!! Looking forward to great things ahead with you as the leader of this fine institution.
Dean Theresa Bartolotta, School of Health Sciences
Congratulations! Mr. President on a well deserved position. You have definitely earned this most prestigious seat at the head of Stockton's table.
Dawn N. Watkins '13
Congratulations on your presidential inauguration!
Dr. Susanne Moskalski, MARS
Congratulations for keeping the American dream alive and attaining the well deserved Presidency of Stockton University. Your lifetime of enthusiasm, friendships and success at Stockton has be an inspiration to us all!
Janet Mazzocca, RMEHS
As a loyal employee for over 15 years, a Stockton graduate and a proud Stockton parent, we celebrate with you in spirit at the upcoming inauguration! My daughter (who now works for your  Graduate School) and I have been very inspired and impressed to hear of your many accomplishments. We know that the University has certainly made an outstanding choice for the years ahead. I know we are about to witness some great and powerful things under your leadership!
Yubi Peña '15 and Jessica Grullón '09
Congratulations President Kesselman! I am so proud that you are our president! It's the beginning of a Golden Age at Stockton!
Christina M. Morus, Associate Professor of Communication & Genocide Studies
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! It was a pleasure to meet you at the new staff reception. Your vision for Stockton University breathes confidence and excitement into Southern New Jersey. I am proud to call Stockton my home. You are doing a wonderful job and I look forward to hearing about future initiatives.
Danielle Martin, Talent Network
We are in such great hands with you as our leader. This will be a wonderful chapter in Stockton's already illustrious history. I am sure you will take our University further than we could have ever imagined. Congratulations!!!
Kent Green
Please accept my Congratulations! Thank you for taking on such a demanding yet fulfilling role as President of our University at such an important time in our history. Your leadership will take us a long way.
Barbara Teel
I am so pleased that you decided to stay at Stockton and to lead us through the changes we have recently undertaken. I am thankful and privileged to work here. I can't wait to see how you steer us forward and be a part of the future successes of the university. Wishing you health and many more wonderful years of continued leadership.
Anna, School of Business
Congratulations to you--well deserved!!!
Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!! I wish you a prosperous and successful term as the president of the university.
Nabaraj Lamichhane
I am very delighted that you are now the President of Stockton University. Your history with the college from its early days at the Mayflower Hotel in Atlantic City when you were a student, through various positions you've held at the institution throughout the years make you uniquely qualified for the position. I am taking this opportunity to congratulate you on your well deserved success.
Under your leadership, Stockton University will shine brightly now and in the future. I wish you all the best. Congratulations.
Lester C. Block '79
Congratulations on your official inauguration as President of Stockton University. Our beloved institution is in excellent hands under your leadership.
Dr. Bess Kathrins
My heartfelt congratulations on your Stockton University Presidency. As a native of Atlantic City, I have seen the positive impact that Stockton has made to my hometown, South Jersey and the State at large. I am honored to be part of the Stockton family and look forward to Stockton's continued growth under your leadership.
Shelly Meyers, Associate Professor of Education
Congratulations Harvey! Stockton is in good hands! I wish you and Lynne all the best as you position Stockton for even greater success!
Dr. Joe Marchetti
Congratulations on becoming the President of your alma mater. I still believe someone should write a book about your rise from a Mayflower student to a Mayflower President. You are the first university president with whom I have worked who truly understands and demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion. I feel very blessed to be in this very scenic place of higher learning called Stockton University. You are the embodiment of Stockton to which everyone here should aspire.
Dr. Valerie O. Hayes, Esq.
Congratulations Dr. Harvey Kesselman
Cindy Aikens class of 2012
Harvey, The most heartfelt congratulations go out to you, Lynne and your family! I am so happy for you on obtaining this prestigious position of President, and of course delighted for the Stockton Community! You are the most fitting person to take on this role as your heart and soul have been with Stockton for so long! I so enjoyed working for you back in the 80’s and 90’s, what a fortunate group to have you now! My best wishes and congratulations!
Carolina Paolella Rosenbach, former Assistant Registrar
I couldn't be more happy for you! My most sincere congratulations. Looking forward to celebrating with you in person on the 23rd! I'll save my favorite stories for another time...
Robert Balko '85
Congratulations, with all best wishes for fortune's winds at your back. You will lead Stockton University into its next era as a proud and distinctive member of the New Jersey higher education team.
Willard Gingerich, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs, Montclair State University
As a Stockton State College graduate from way back in the day, I wish to offer my congratulations and good wishes on your selection as Stockton's next President. Your long term commitment to the school makes you the singular best choice to oversee the future changes and development inherent in any growing organization. No one, who has not been there for the "long haul" like you, can understand the organizational and cultural evolution that has occurred in these last 40+ years. That understanding will be critical as you develop an executable long term strategic plan to broaden the learning experience. My career and life success has a direct relationship to my time spent in the classroom and on campus. Your contribution will go a long way in enhancing and expanding that experience for current and future graduates. Good luck!
John Oltarzewski, Class of 1981, BSNS
Congratulations on embracing the new role as President of Stockton Community. Hope your vision is carried forward by all of us here.
Dr. Sreelekha
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman on your Inauguration and your many successes here at Stockton University! Today is such an historic and special day since you have been with Stockton since the beginning. I cannot wait to watch what you do during your Presidency and continue to make Stockton transform into the best institution that it has become. All the best and GO OSPREYS!
Nicole Leppert, '16
"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." ~ Warren G. Bennis (1925-2014)
Dr. Kesselman, I wish you all the best as you lead Stockton University toward its 50th anniversary and beyond. From student to professor to administrator and now, president, there is no one more well-suited to lead New Jersey's finest university. Congratulations to you and Lynne!
Laura Comppen '85
Harvey it gives me great honor and pride to be present at the inauguration of the 5th President of our great University. It is also great to see how all the sacrifices and countless contributions that you've made for this institution have paid their way forward to see you as the President of the school we both love. I pledge my unwavering support as a friend, alumnus and business partner, to help your task as President of Stockton University be the most progressive and filling experience possible!
Councilman at Large Frank M. Gilliam, Jr.
Congratulations on being appointed President. When I first watched you walk on stage at the open house and freshman orientation, I knew that with you great things would be accomplished. As a new freshman I look forward to working with you as my president and can't wait to see what great things we will all accomplish.
Jonathan Bowie
"Great oaks from little acorns grow" Two acorns were planted on the Atlantic City boardwalk four decades ago; Stockton College and freshman Harvey Kesselman. Both have matured to be great oaks; Stockton became a University and Harvey Kesselman became its President. Congratulations and we wish you the very best.
Natalie and Sandy
First graduating class from Stockton. Mayflower the present location. Congrats!!
Michael Browne '73
We have spent enough time together that I am sure you know how much Sandra and I admire you, and have confidence in your ability to see Stockton through these challenging times. Please accept our congratulations and best regards.
Philip and Sandra Perskie
Wishing you much success as you take on the role as Stockton's fifth President! May your service to the university community flourish.
Dr. Michele Doughty '86
Congratulations! Stockton University is fortunate to have you. May you lead with wisdom and vision!
Judith Alton '10 & '11
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. We all are looking forward to the positive influence and impact that Stockton University will have on Absecon Island.
Dr. Kesselman, congratulations on your inauguration as you help pave the way to success for many more proud ospreys! I admire your passion for student growth and have felt your cooperative approach to developing leadership and innovation.
Tatyana '15
Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman! Wishing you all the very best!!
Dr. Carla Enriquez, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
It has been an honor and privilege to work with you, President Kesselman. Thank you for your unwavering leadership, vision and optimism. I'm so looking forward to your inauguration!
Congratulations on your appointment to President
Jeff Brody '77
All the best to one terrific leader and a man of vision who shares a deep love for Stockton!
Jeanne S. Lewis, Director of Financial Aid
What a great honor it is for Stockton University to have you as its President! You will be wonderful, for you are a kind person, an excellent educator, and a fine administrator. My very best wishes to you for many productive years as the President of Stockton University.
Dr. Carol Rittner, RSM
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams (1825-1829). You consistently live by this wonderful quote from one of our founding presidents Harvey.
We are all the better for your commitment to dream, learn, do and become more with each of us, in this marvelous Stockton family. We indeed are blessed by you and on this special day, we honor you and Lynne. What a celebration, well-deserved!
Dr. Mary Lou Galantino
Congratulations Dr. Kesselman, it was great meeting you on your visit to San Francisco.
Gregory Bogart, MA NHA
Congrats, Dr. Kesselman. I remember you during my education here, during the late 1980's, and you were a great asset to Stockton then. I'm looking forward to your involvement and part of the history of this great University called Stockton.
Paul Glaser, WLFR  

I am delighted to join the many others congratulating you on your selection as President of Stockton University.

Gail H. Davis, TECH TREK Student selection and family coordinator

Our very best wishes for a successful reign at Stockton University. God speed to you and your family and good health, happiness and laughter each day.

Diana Meischker (retired 2015 CWA President/PAC Division) and Ron Meischker (retired 2011 Plant Division)

Congratulations Harvey, continue leading Stockton into the future.

Timothy Huang '77

Congratulations Harvey from a fellow graduate. I cannot think of anyone better suited to lead Stockton University to even greater prominence than yourself. Good luck with the creation of the Atlantic City Island campus, I believe it will be a catalyst in enhancing Atlantic City both economically and culturally.

Tom Drinkard, '79

Our sincere congratulations for your heartfelt devotion to Stockton over the years. Stockton University is so fortunate to have you and we all are so proud of you!

Dr. Maria C Moyer

It has been an honor to know you and work with you over the years. I appreciate your dedicated support of our chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. Best wishes and much success in your role as University President. I know you will experience great success.

Lou Della Barca

Congratulations from WLFR. Best of luck to you.

Bill Grohs, WLFR Manager

There couldn't have been a better choice. True to the Heart and Soul of Stockton. The future of Stockton will continue to be a bright spot in so many lives of the students and families that are the future. Good Luck and Congratulations.

J. Barton '86

Congratulations on your inauguration as Stockton's President, and thank you for hosting the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign as one of your key community partners. Together we're making a difference.

Bill Elliott, The John R. Elliott HERO Campaign

Congratulations on your Inauguration as President of Stockton University! It has been a pleasure working with you on the statewide Academic Issues Committee. I wish you and your family all the best, and I look forward to continuing to work with you to benefit students in New Jersey.

Dr. Jeffrey Toney, Provost & VPAA, Kean University

Thank you for believing in me Harvey! You are the perfect person, in the perfect position, for this perfect university! Congratulations!

Alvin Taliaferro, Jr., '87

With your affinity to Stockton and your passion for this place, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll continue to lead our university to great things! Congratulations!

Erin Clay '12

Keep up the great work!! Best wishes from our entire family of 4 Stockton Graduates

The Seelig Family

I know that you have always had Stockton in your heart. We are lucky to have a leader with such a rooted connection to the University as it continues to grow.


Nick Valinote '92


Congratulations on your inauguration!

Juan Tolosa

Congratulations and good luck to you, old friend, as one of the Mayflower generation. No one knows more or cares more about this special institution than you.

William T. Daly, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Political Science

Congratulations Harvey! No one deserves this distinguished position more than you. Best wishes now and always as you take Stockton into the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Olen and Louise Gorham-Neblett

Congratulations Harvey! You are perfect for the job and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. The stars have aligned and now you are poised to take us where we are destined to go! You deserve all the accolades!


Congrats Harvey!

Anthony Scott '83

Doris and I would like to congratulate you on your inauguration. We will not be able to attend the ceremony due to a prior commitment. Wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Moore

Many congratulations, President Kesselman! What an honor to work at a university with such strong leadership and vision as well as a commitment to Stockton's liberal arts tradition!

Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey

Congratulations President Kesselman on your appointment as Stockton University's fifth President. I am proud to be a professional staff member of this institution and am looking forward to your leadership and mission as you launch us into a bright new future.

Jessica P. Spencer Bond, MA, ATC - Athletic Trainer

From student to President. Well played sir.

Nelson Morales '02, '04, '06

Hail to the Chief! Best wishes for a splendid tenure as President of Stockton University. We are sincerely grateful and fortunate to have you as President, Dr. Kesselman!

G T Lenard

Congratulations!!! We've known each other for numerous years and I couldn't be happier for you and Stockton. You ARE the right person to lead us and I foresee nothing but bright things ahead for the school and our athletic programs. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

John Leon, Assistant to the Sports Information Director/Public Address Announcer for Stockton Athletics

Harvey, congratulations on your inauguration as president of Stockton University. Your entire family should be very proud of you. 

James Kerrigan

Congratulations on this special day. Enjoy the journey!

Joan Perks, PhD(c)

Dear President Kesselman, Warmest congratulations on your investiture as Stockton's fifth president. I could not be more delighted for you and for Stockton!

Robert D. King, Professor Emeritus of Business Law

Harvey, no one embraces Stockton--our proud history and our exciting future--like you, my friend. We are blessed to have you at the helm. 

Pamela Kennedy Cross '82

Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman. The "fifth" has long been symbolic of harmony and balance. As the fifth president of Stockton, I believe you have already brought a measure of harmony and balance to our university community. Best wishes for a peaceful and productive presidency--a bright future for you and Stockton. 

Dr. Maryann McLoughlin, Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center

Dr. Kesselman, I would like to congratulate you for your diligence. I am happy to know that the man with the greatest knowledge of Stockton University will be at the helm of the ship. I have confidence in your abilities to continue making the university excel to excellence. I also hope that one day I can be a part of the staff there. Thank you again for investing in such a wonderful institute.

Mrs. Lisa Griffin '96

Congratulations on your efforts and achievements. You have been instrumental in building, adapting and sustaining outstanding education opportunities to many. Stockton has come a long way since we began there in 1971, and under your compassionate leadership it will continue to develop and implement creative learning for all.

David Friedman 1971

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! I am honored to attend your inauguration ceremony.

LaVerne L. Scott '13

My heartiest congratulations to a fellow classmate from a humble beginning of classes in the Mayflower Hotel. Stockton has come a long way since then. Sometimes I feel like we came over on the Mayflower! I know that you will be an exemplary leader and I look forward to honoring you on your special day! Best wishes to you!

Dori Waldman

Dr. Kesselman, congratulations on your appointment as President of Stockton University. You are the absolute best Harvey & Stockton is fortunate to have you. I wish you continued success in your new role as president, and thank you for helping me and so many other Stockton students navigate our way through the halls of academia. Thank you a million times over. Best wishes.

Professor Marjorie Barnes '90

Congratulations! All good wishes to you for your present and future with our alma mater. I thought you might one day make a fine president of Stockton — You are just that.

Nate Eaton '88

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! Working with Dr. Farris, I had the opportunity work with you as well and always looked up to your style of leadership. The Stockton family is lucky to have you, continued success! 

Enzo Caminotti '99

This is such great news knowing that you'll be president of Stockton, it was my pleasure to know you while I was attending Stockton. I wish you good luck with all your future endeavors. 

Wendy H. Seidman. '90

Congratulations Dr. Kesselman! I am privileged to be able to attend your inauguration ceremony. I am a new student teacher supervisor in the Education Department but I am also Bob Heinrich's mom. He has spoken so highly of you and your vision for the future of Stockton University. I look forward to meeting you.

Luanne Budd

Dr. Kesselman, I am SO PROUD and HONORED to play a part in such a historical and meaningful event as your Presidential Inauguration by representing my class year. I have always had great respect and admiration for you. You are indeed a role model! You were a student, a professor, and have worked in so many different roles. Your love for Stockton and its students has motivated you to work hard for them by making sure they get a great education, as well as better opportunities. You have gone above and beyond! For this, and many other reasons, there is no one else who could possibly be our President than you. Congratulations and THANK YOU for ALL you have done! 

Johana de Jesus, MS '13

Stockton University is so fortunate to have you as their president, one of their own very accomplished graduates. We all look forward to your leadership with confidence and great expectations for a bright future. Congratulations!

Audrey Sherrick, CPA, Stockton Business Advisory Board

Congratulations Dr. Harvey Kesselman. I can't think of anyone else who has given so much to the Stockton Family. When I was a student, Harvey was always concerned, supportive and a genuine advocate for the students. He is the epitome of excellence and he deserves to be President and Stockton deserves him. Congratulations Dr. Kesselman and I wish you Godspeed.

Jerome Land '91

Congratulations, Harvey! Your journey from student to president is a remarkable one. Stockton University is in good hands. Best wishes for many more productive and happy years.

Dr. Elaine Bukowski, Professor Emerita of Physical Therapy

Congratulations on becoming President of Stockton University! I am a proud member of the school's alumni and I applaud the school on moving forward with your nomination. Best wishes on a bright future in your career and for our students!

Rich McHale '90

From student to president - what a unique journey, congratulations!

Denise McGarvey

Best wishes for continuing success and joy in leading Stockton! Knock one out of the park on a shared vision to achieve a great future for the university and those it serves.

Darryl G. Greer, PhD

How wonderful to have an alumni as President. You. Are. Stockton. Congratulations to an extraordinary leader, amazing educator, and an all around generous, kind and caring person.

Maria "Ria" Irmiere-Parry '88

Harvey, you are already proving yourself to be a superb university president and Stockton is so fortunate to have you in that role. Your journey from student to president at Stockton is truly remarkable, and you have proven how exceptional you are in every position. Best wishes for many more wonderful years of service to Stockton, with happy and productive years ahead.

Professor Marilyn Vito, '80 and Lou Vito

Congratulations and best wishes to you at your inauguration! I will not be able to attend the celebration, but wanted to send you my regards. Congratulations!

Richard Monahan '76

Wishing you sincere CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Harvey Kesselman, on your wonderful achievement and success and good health for you and the future of Our Stockton University.

Barbara Connolly-Daley and Edward R. Daley

From all of us at The Historic Renault Winery Resort & Golf we congratulate you and wish you much success!

Kevin P. McCarty, Renault Winery Resort & Golf

Congrats My Harvey! You have already opened the world to me in your time as Dean of Education and Provost, and I am excited to see how you will bring Stockton to the world in your time as President. Both you and Mrs. Kesselman are a true treasure for Stockton, it's students, staff and faculty. Thank you.

Katie Juliani '05 & '10

How wonderful that you have come full circle from student to President. Our heartfelt congratulations on your inauguration as Stockton University President. There is no limit to the heights the Stockton Ospreys will fly under your direction. May the love you and Mrs. Kesselman feel for Stockton be returned to you a hundred fold.

Kathy Felix, proud parent of Osprey Graduate 2016

It is a pleasure to welcome and honor you as the new president of Stockton University. I am sure you will enhance and contribute to Stockton's growth and progress. I wish you sincere success, with a steady hand, and a sure foot. Bless you, keep our Alma Mater safe and strong and a leader of young minds on a journey into the future. 

Robert C. Franklin '82

You've been preparing for this job all your life. Long may you reign.

Professor David King

Harvey, Congratulations on becoming President of the University. It has been a long trail blazed through time since the 1971 fall first semester. The student becomes the president, how cool is that! Leave a lasting imprint as I know you will.

Stew & Valerie Farrell

I just wanted to send a note of congratulations on your inauguration as fifth president of Stockton University. I truly believe that you have the vision and heart to steer the University into the future in a way that will motivate us all to work towards the same common good. 

Dennis J. Furgione

Thank you for leading Stockton University on its next journey. I am proud to be a lifelong osprey and I know you will lead Stockton University down a great road! 

Sarah Rainier '16

I wish to congratulate Dr. Harvey Kesselman, an extraordinary leader and visionary. I also want to say congratulations, as the President of the Council of Black Faculty & Staff at Stockton University -- looking forward to our continued partnership.

Patricia Winston Collins

As an alumnus of Stockton, employee and current student in the Ed.D. program, I could not be more proud to have President Kesselman leading and representing the institution I love so much. His Vision of “students first” is a reminder to myself and many of what makes Stockton such a special place. To have a fellow Osprey in the role of President is an inspiration. Congratulations to President Kesselman, First Lady Lynne Kesselman and all of those who work so hard to elevate Stockton to new heights. Go Ospreys!

Nick Sena '08

Jess Kowal, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Dear Harvey, very best wishes on your presidency. I cannot think of a better person to combine the traditions of our past with a vision of our future!

 Michelle McDonald, Assistant Provost
Congratulations, Dr. Kesselman! I cannot think of a more fitting leader for our university. As a staff member, recent graduate, and enthusiastic alumni, I am thrilled to see what the future holds for Stockton. You have inspired me to "plant myself where I can grow." Stockton is very lucky to have you!
Nicole Davis '16
Dr. Kesselman has been one of the greatest mentors to me since I arrived at Stockton. He has always made sure to put the students at Stockton first before anything else. Not only is he one of the smartest people I know, he also is one of the greatest leaders I've had the pleasure to know on a personal level.
Kevin Broecker '16