Presidential Staff

Office of the President

Joe Bertolino President (see biography)
Kathryn Mason Confidential Administrative Assistant to the President
Terricita Sass Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff
Heather Watkins Deputy Chief of Staff and Board Liaison
Theresa Marinelli Budget Assistant to the President
Gail "Gem" McGinnis Professional Services Specialist

Planning and Institutional Research

Peter Baratta Chief Officer for Strategic Planning and Effectiveness
Nicole Suprun Associate Director of Planning
Jessica Kay Director of Institutional Research
Samantha Krenzien Senior Institutional Research Analyst
Alice Sikora Professional Services Specialist
Erin Peterson Professional Services Specialist
Jennifer McNamara Professional Services Specialist

Equal Opportunity and Institutional Compliance

Tammy Saunders Director of Title IX & EEO 
Anne Crater, Esq. Investigator
James Over Investigator

Linda Scully

OEOIC Office Manager

Diversity and Inclusion

Valerie Hayes, Esq.

Chief Officer for Diversity & Inclusion

General Counsel

Brian Kowalski, Esq. General Counsel
Ellen Bailey, Esq. Deputy General Counsel

Theresa Vaccaro

Executive Legal Assistant to the Office of General Counsel

Dawn Livingston

Program Assistant