Parking Committee

The Parking Committee was created by the President of the University to investigate and review parking concerns at Stockton and to serve as a coordinating body to help inform the campus community about parking regulations and future changes to the parking system.

For 2019-20, the current members of the Parking Committee include:


  • Don Hudson (Co-Chair): Facilities & Operations
  • Michael Busler: Faculty Representative (SASI Board member)
  • Yatora Edwards: Student Commuter Representative
  • Anthony Agrifolio: Student Residential Representative
  • Susan Fahey: Faculty (AFT) Representative
  • Kate Hazelton: CWA  & Staff  Representative
  • Brian Jackson: Chief Operating Officer, Atlantic City campus
  • Arthur Jones: Local 195, IFPTE AFL-CIO Representative
  • Regina Kinney: CWA Representative
  • Adrian Wiggins: Campus Public Safetly
  • Steve Radwanski or designee: Residential Life Representative
  • Christopher Howard: SASI Representative
  • Craig Stambaugh: Student Activities Representative
  • Michael Sullivan: Parking & Transportation Services
  • James Timothy: Residential Life Representative


Non-Voting Members

  • Walead Abdrabouth: Office of Information Technology
  • John Fritsch:  Facilities & Operations
  • Jill Henderson: Committee Assistant
  • Kelly Kern: Committee Assistant
  • Rhianon Lepree: Real Estate Representative
  • Charles West: Facilities & Operations