News & Updates

During the summer a virtual parking permit is not needed at either the Galloway or Atlantic City campus.  

Atlantic City residential students are permitted, during the summer months only, to park on the Galloway campus in any area that is not a reserved parking lot.

Atlantic City commuter students should park in the Academic Lot for the summer months.  In the unlikely event that the Academic Lot is full, commuter students may park in the garage and have their ticket validated at the front desk of the Academic Building.

If you are attending classes in the Fall 2019 you will receive an email in late July with instructions on how to register your vehicle.

The Atlantic City Hartford Avenue Lot is open to the public for the summer.  Rates are $5 a day on weekdays and $10 a day on weekends.  Rates are subject to change.

The Atlantic City parking garage is open to the public.  Rates are $5 for 0-2 hours and $1 an hour afterwards.  The maximum daily rate is $15.  Evening rates are $8 after 7pm and and out by 7am.