Galloway | Atlantic City Shuttle

Galloway | Atlantic City Shuttle Departure Times

Atlantic City Spring Schedule

Wednesday, May 15th through Wednesday, September 4th.

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All departure locations are next to the departure time.

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Students who are late for or have missed class for reasons solely attributed to the failure of the AC-Galloway shuttles may request faculty notification be provided in support their claim by filing a Care Referral. Please know, the submission of a Care Referral will require a review of shuttle departure/arrival records and the student’s class schedule, therefore any response to faculty will not be immediate.

7:30 am (AC)
8:30 am (Galloway)
9:30 am (AC)
10:30 am (Galloway)
11:30 am (AC)
12:30 pm (Galloway)
1:30 pm (AC)
2:30 pm (Galloway)
3:30 pm (AC)
4:30 pm (Galloway)
5:30 pm (AC)
6:00 pm (Galloway)


10:00 am (Galloway)

11:30 am (AC)

1:00 pm (Galloway)

2:30 pm (AC)

4:00 pm (Galloway)

5:30 pm (AC)


It is your responsibility to choose the appropriate departure time that will allow you to arrive at your destination on time. Be sure to plan ahead as arrival and departure times may be affected by traffic, weather, construction, accidents, or passenger boarding. Please have your Stockton ID and arrive prior to the scheduled departure time.