How to Reserve

Interested in using the Multicultural Center for your club, programming or other events? This is your guide to reserving the Multicultural Center via 25Live! All reservation requests should be made through the 25Live website. Please note reservations that fall outside the normal operating hours must require special permission from the director and professional staff is needed. 

Click here to submit a room reservation request!

Our normal hours of operation during the semester are: 

M 8:30-5:00
T 8:30-8:00
W 8:30-8:00
Th  8:30-5:00
F 8:30-5:00
Our normal hours of operation during the summer are:
M 8:30-5:00
T 8:30-5:00
W 8:30-5:00
Th  8:30-5:00
F 8:30-5:00


Room Layouts

Please reference the below diagrams to see the options available for room set-up for your various programming needs!

Layout 1

Layout 1: Standard

Seats: 111

Max Capacity: 111


Layout 2

Layout 2: Reception

Seats: 24

Max Capacity: 50

Layout 3

Layout 3: Lecture

Seats: 48

Max Capacity: 48

Layout 4

Layout 4: Rounds

Seats: 30

Max Capacity: 30