Capital Budget Planning

aerial of Galloway campus

Each year, the University is required to submit to the State of New Jersey, a Capital Budget request for the next Fiscal Year. The request is specifically submitted to New Jersey Commission on Capital Budgeting and Planning. The process that the University undertakes in documenting the Capital Budget for each Fiscal Year is a community-wide shared process that commences in July of each year. Members of the various committees, including the Space Management Committee, the President’s Cabinet and the Board of Trustees – Building & Grounds Committee participated in various aspects of the process. The committees include Board of Trustees members, Cabinet members, faculty, staff and students.

The overall Capital Budget Request includes a variety of capital projects that are in response to developing programs of the University, including academics, student affairs, enrollment management, athletics, etc. Also included in the Capital Budget process is a detailed analysis of deferred maintenance projects as prepared by the Division of Facilities & Operations. The most recent submission to the State was for Fiscal Year 2022. Aspects of this request was the predecessor to the Update of the Facilities Master plan.

The FY22 Request identified capital priorities totaling $597,241,177. Of this amount, the University requested $447,930,883 in new State capital funding to support various projects. These funds do not include resources made available through existing state capital bond programs, such as the Higher Education Capital Improvement Fund (HECIF). The State-funding request, however, does include funds for auxiliary enterprises, which traditionally have been institutionally funded.

Key Capital Budget Request FY22
New New program and facility
P Renovated existing space for new/developing programs
DM Deferred Maintenance

FFY22 - Capital Project Budget Request

# Project Master Plan 2020 Est. Budget Division Lead Key Detail
1 Atlantic City Residential Complex Phase 2 Yes $60,500,000 Student Affairs New 135,000 sf, 416 bed facility
2 AC Coastal Resiliency Center Yes $60,000,000 Academic Affairs New 60,000 sf facility & Site devel.
3 Academic/Student Program Release Space - Phase 1 (lower F) Yes $7,850,000 Academics & SA P approx. 15,000 sf - 20,000 sf
4 Multi Cultural Center (N-wing or lower F-wing) Yes $2,250,000 Student Affairs P approx. 5,000 sf
5 Housing 1 Replacement Project Yes $131,348,884 Student Affairs DM Demo existing res. facilities
6 K-wing Plaza & Lower Level Athletic Facility Yes $5,875,000 Facilities & Athletics P approx. 10,000 sf existing area
7 Athletic Field Renovations Yes $3,500,000 Athletics DM Track, Soccer, LAX fields
8 ADA Accessibility Projects (Sidewalks, parking, restrooms, etc.) No $8,750,000 Facilities & Operations DM Renovated accessibility
9 Pomona Fieldhouse & Pavilion (Exercise & Sports Science Program Yes $87,636,256 Athletics & Academics New 120,000 sf, new construction
10 Wellness/Exercise Science Program Sports Center Expansion & Aquatic Center (Phase 1, 2, & 3) Yes $93,184,322 Athletics & Academics New 126,000 sf multi story structure
11 Roof Phase 3 of 6 (A, E, G) No $2,850,000 Facilities & Operations DM Roof replacement
12 Roof Phase 4 of 6 (H, I, J) No $2,837,000 Facilities & Operations DM Roof replacement
13 Water Plant/ Tower Renovations No $2,550,000 Facilities & Operations DM Roof replacement
14 4th Quad Building/Quad Site Phase 2 (Admin & Program) Yes $65,450,707 Admin & Academics NEW 60,000 sf multi-story structure
15 Academic/Student Program Release Space - Additional phases (core academic spine) Yes $19,500,000 Academics & SA P approx. 30,000 - 50,000 sf
16 Performing Arts Center renovations Yes $17,000,000 Academic Affairs DM Existing facility renovation
17 Plant/Emergency Management Expansion (Office/Conference, OEM) Yes $2,486,810 Facilities & Operations New 5,200sf one story additions
18 Parking Lot 7 & Roadway improvements No $7,625,000 Facilities & Operations DM U/G storm and intersection
19 Welcome Center (Campus Center Expansion v 4th Quad Building) Yes $3,797,198 Enrollment Mgmt New 5,700 sf one story addition
20 Manahawkin Center - Expansion (AC v Galloway v Manahawkin) No $12,250,000 Academic Affairs New 20,000 sf new facility
  Total Budget Estimate   $597,241,177