Courses in Manahawkin

Spring 2022 Courses

GIS 3348-091: Social & Ethical Considerations of Business

Open only to juniors and seniors.
Values/ethics course (V).

This course identifies the diverse ethical and social responsibility concerns which arise in private business. The focus is on items receiving current media attention as well as more general issues. This course will give the students an enhanced perspective of the many apparent moral/ethical dilemmas faced by business decision-makers as well as a considered understanding of the social impact of business

GSS 2132-091: A Brief History of Global Economics

(International/Multicultural Course) (I) The course will engage student in high level thinking about the world history, major economic and political events, and various socio-cultural approaches to these events. The ultimate goal of the course for each student is to come up with a comprehensive “timeline” of the world history.

HLTH 2501-002: Teamwork & Collaboration

Values/Ethics Course(V) This course focuses on the Interprofessional Core Competencies of Teams and Teamwork, and Values and Ethics. Emphasis is placed on understanding the impact of health disparities on health outcomes. Team-based activities and a Service-Learning component provide opportunities for experiential learning and reflection.

GNM 1136-091: The Science of Forecasting Waves

Quant across the curriculum (Q2).

This course includes the science/math/technology associated with surf forecasting. Students are introduced to waves, surfing equipment, tracking swell, buoy models, hurricanes, weather, bathymetry, tides, wind, and coastal erosion processes. Using actual, re-enacted, and staged events students will examine the relationship between wave models, storms, and related science principles.


GNM 2157-092: Environment & Film

Values/ethics course (V). This course provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in an interdisciplinary class about the environment and film. The two topics will yield an interesting discussion piece for the classroom and a lens into everyday life. A variety of topics will be covered each week utilizing a film as a precursor to the discussion of environmental protection and destruction. Some topics include: sprawl, mining, deforestation, garbage/recycling, sustainability, climate change, & more. We will debut many types of films and genres.

GNM 2237-091: Animal Behavior

An understanding of animal behavior is important to the fields of ecology, biology, psychology and anthropology. In this course, we take an ecological and evolutionary approach to the study of animal behavior. Our focus is on the behavior of humans and other free-living vertebrates


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Stockton University at Manahawkin is the proud home of Stockton's Accelerated BSN program. In 2018, Stockton opened an adjacent site in Manahawkin with a larger study space, a 48-seat classroom, nursing exam rooms, and a nursing skills lab.

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Located minutes from the Garden State Parkway, Route 9, and Long Beach Island, Stockton University at Manahawkin is a convenient location for Stockton students to take courses. 

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