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Spring 2021 Courses

GNM 1136-091: The Science of Forecasting Waves

Quant across the curriculum (Q2).

This course includes the science/math/technology associated with surf forecasting. Students are introduced to waves, surfing equipment, tracking swell, buoy models, hurricanes, weather, bathymetry, tides, wind, and coastal erosion processes. Using actual, re-enacted, and staged events students will examine the relationship between wave models, storms, and related science principles.

GIS 3348-091: Social & Ethical Considerations of Business

Open only to juniors and seniors.
Values/ethics course (V).

This course identifies the diverse ethical and social responsibility concerns which arise in private business. The focus is on items receiving current media attention as well as more general issues. This course will give the students an enhanced perspective of the many apparent moral/ethical dilemmas faced by business decision-makers as well as a considered understanding of the social impact of business decisions. This course is relevant to all majors as it allows and encourages interdisciplinary perspectives and discussions.

GSS 2119-091: Law for Life

This course will assist students in understanding the legal aspects of activities that they will encounter in everyday life. Among topics examined will be how law affects us when we rent or buy homes, purchase goods and services, marry, drive, borrow, work and obtain health care. 

BUSN 2110-091: Introduction to Management 

An examination of the functional areas of management including such topics as planning, organizing, control, motivation, production control, communication, and leadership. Major management theories will be examined in light of contemporary organizational situations and the changing environment (internal and external).


CIST 1206-011: Statistics

Quantitative reasoning intensive course (Q1)

Statistics I utilizes a case study approach to the study of statistics. It emphasizes statistical thinking, deals with real data and concepts, and fosters active learning. The course is divided into four modules: I. Analysis of group differences (AOV, Kruskall-Wallis, measurement & sampling validity); II. Examining relationships (Chi-Square, Correlation, forecasting, simple linear regression); III. Applications of probability (probability, probability distributions, expectations); IV. Application areas (t-tests, control charts, experimental design).

GIS 3349-091: Car Culture in America

Open only to juniors and seniors.

Car Culture in America will encompass the history of autos, how they have affected societal issues such as class, mobility, safety, health, family values, environmental concerns, urban planning and personal finance. The course will include units such as selling, purchasing and leasing vehicles; car maintenance; fuel efficiency; advertising strategies and the dilemma of insurance coverage, particularly in the state of New Jersey. Even though the automotive industry has gone global, how cars are manufactured and marketed today can be the epitome of wonder and amazement.


GIS 3612-091: Beaches

Open only to juniors and seniors.

An integrated study of the culture, history and environment associated with coastal beaches. The course will consider scientific, historical, economic, artistic, recreational, and political perspectives on the ocean's beaches and the human developments and endeavors these landforms have spawned. A comparative study of East Coast beaches, shore communities, and resorts will be included.

GNM 2237-001: Animal Behavior

An understanding of animal behavior is important to the fields of ecology, biology, psychology, and anthropology. In this course, we take an ecological and evolutionary approach to the study of the behavior of humans and other free-living vertebrates.

HLTH 2501-001: Teamwork & Collaboration in Healthcare

Service Learning and Values/Ethics Course (V).

This course focuses on the Interprofessional Core Competencies of Teams and Teamwork, and Values and Ethics. Emphasis is placed on understanding the impact of health disparities on health outcomes. Team-based activities and a Service-Learning component provide opportunities for experiential learning and reflection. 


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