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Fall 2017

Αγαπητοι Φιλοι / Dear Friends,  

We hope you enjoy our newest edition of the Hellenic Voice. We have enlisted the aid of five Stockton students (three Graphic Design students and two Literature majors) in its production. We would like to thank them and you for your continued support of The Hellenic Voice and for our mission.

The Friends continue to be a terrific asset to the Stockton community and student body. The benefits are visible in all those students who participate in our local Hellenic events as well as those whose lives are forever changed through travel to the Mediterranean, especially to Greece and Cyprus. Student reports are filled with marvelous, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and events. They tell stories of beautiful landscapes, impressive ancient monuments, amazing cultural events, splendid beaches and, above all, the hospitality of their Greek hosts. All this is possible because of the generosity of the Greek community HERE, in and around South Jersey, and we are grateful for your participation in our programs, events and fundraising activities.

This past January saw the passing of our beloved Hellenic Studies founding father and mentor, Rev. Dr. Demetrios Constantelos, a profound loss to our community. We regret his passing but honor his memory and appreciate all that he did for Stockton and the Greek community. He is sorely missed. The Constantelos Reading Room remains a wonderful reminder of his gifts to Stockton and his influence on students, faculty, and our community over the last 40 years. The room remains accessible whenever the library is open, and we hope that you will feel free to visit it. There are nearly always students present in the room, which is precisely what Father Constantelos wanted. Come and visit when you can. We hold our monthly Friends of Hellenic Studies meetings in this space on the second Wednesday evening of every month, from 6:30 to 8:00. We invite anyone who has ideas and suggestions and would like to contribute their time and talents to join with us. All are welcome - we need YOU.

In promoting awareness in the community we hold many events, lectures, and free summer classes in Modern Greek and occasionally Latin. These classes are for beginners to advanced levels, and everyone is welcome to attend.  Please visit our website for more information. 

We have our upcoming event, “Exploring Hellenism,” this coming spring. This year we will highlight several of the Aegean Islands. We will be presenting food, culture, wine and history from Mytilini, Chios, and Kos. Stay tuned for more details and please join us for this wonderful event!  Opa!!!

Note that our website has been recently re-designed by Tula Christopoulos and Victoria Conover – check it out!

Finally, we hope that the Friends of Hellenic Studies has become part of your annual giving, so that we can continue to support student travel, education and enrichment. If you have not done so yet, we encourage you to become a member of the Friend of Hellenic Studies. Below are several levels of support at which you can participate in.


With all good wishes,

Amy Papalexandrou and Eleni Stamelos, Co-Chairs of the Friends of Hellenic Studies

 Friends of Hellenic Studies Chairs                    


Date and Time Event Location
Wed., March 7, 2018 at 6:30pm General Meeting

Sofia's Restaurant
9315 Amherst Ave.
Margate, NJ

Date and Time Event Location
Fri, Jan 19th - 7:30pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Feb 16th - 7:30pm General Meeting  CANCELED
Feb 18th - 22nd Production: Courtyard of the Miracles Click here
Sat, Mar. 7th - 6-9pm Spring Event: Exploring Hellenism: Peloponnesos Stockton Seaview Resort
Mon, Mar 16th - 7:30pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room 
Thurs, - April 9th - 12:30pm Classical Humanities Society: Did Christians Invent Martyrdom? Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Apr 20th - 7:30pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Sat, Apr. 25th,  12-2pm Classical Humanities Society: From Kayseri to Nova Caesarea: Reports from Student Journeys to Cappadocia Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, May 11th - 7:30pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Jun 8th -
General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Jul 13th  - 7:30pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Sept. 14th - 7:30pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Wed, Sept. 23rd - 6:00pm Classical Humanities Society presents: Stockton in Cyprus Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Oct 12th - 6:00pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Oct 17th - 8am-8pm Exploring Cyprus (Second Installment) Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art  
Mon, Oct 29th - 6pm-9pm Exploring Cyprus (Third Installment): The Wines of Cyprus  
Mon, Nov 16th - 6:00pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room
Thurs, Nov 19th - 6:00pm Classical Humanities Society presents: From Athens to Broadway: Greek Drama on the American Stage Constantelos Reading Room
Mon, Dec 14th - 6:00pm General Meeting Constantelos Reading Room

The Friends of Hellenic Studies work to support the activities of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies as well as provide for scholarships, fellowships and study abroad activities.  What follows is a long but as yet incomplete catalogue of fundraisers, community outreach programs and events of the past decade.  Images and summaries of many of them can be found in The Hellenic Voice archive. This page will receive updates as more media and information become available and more links become active.

For a list of scholarship winners, please click here.
For a list of Classical Humanities Society speakers, please click here.

Not yet listed here are events from our early years, which featured mostly dinners and guest speakers including: 

Dr. Constantine Papadakis, President of Drexel (November 1996. Greek Science in the Hellenistic Age); Dr. George Ahtarides of the Presbyterian Hospital. (November 1997- Medicine in the Ancient Greek World);  Archbishop Iakovos (November 1998);  Dr. Robert Wright, Dean and Arceologist at Bryn Mawr College (November 1999). 

  • Survival of the Fittest- Guest Lecturer: Peter Kokkinos
  • All the Rage:Thinking about Christians under Muslim Rule - Guest Lecturer: Molly Greene
  • Summer Greek and Latin IV
  • The Hellenic Voice (Issue XIII)
  • Greek Feast and Wine Symposium
  • Greek Poetry Night with Lili Bata and Manya Bean
  • Guest Speaker: Jeffery Eugenides
  • Olympic Spirit Art Show
  • The Apology of Socrates (stage production)
  • The Hellenic Voice (Issue V)
  • Paidea: Tribute to Demetrios J Constantelos
  • Greek Women through the Ages with Lili Beta
  • Reception for Herman Saatkamp
  • The Hellenic Voice (Issue IV)
  • Fundraiser on the A.J. Meerwald
  • Visit of Archbishop Demetrios
  • Dr Demetri Constas (Sponsored by the Onassis Foundation and organized by the FHS)
  • The Hellenic Voice (Issue III)
  • One Language - One Country by Grigoris Manikakis and Mikrokosmos Ensemble

Scholarships are at the core of the efforts of the Friends of Hellenic Studies.  Over the years, tens of thousands of dollars have been given to help offset the cost of tuition, as well as send students abroad to Greece, Italy and Turkey.  The experiences give them unique advatanges, and spur them on to continuing studies.


The Friends of Hellenic Studies meet monthly in the new Constantelos Hellenic Collection and Reading Room, to the foundation of which they contributed $100,000. They work all year to raise money provide scholarships to students of Hellenic Studies and cultivate the enthusiasm of the Hellenic Studies community. 

The current Board Members are:

Tom Papademetriou, Tula Christopoulos, Walter Mularz, Youla Mularz, Christopher Mularz, Eleni Stamelos, Amy Papalexandrou, Virginia Nikolaidis,  Sinthea Obelenus, Katherine Panagakos, Nick Yiannos, Annette Ladicos, Cecilia Drakopoulos, Peter Douvres, Sophia Nichols Karakoglou, Sarah Albertson, and Nick Sena.