Criteria to be considered are as follows:

  1. Recipients must be full-time, undergraduate, matriculated students at Stockton (minimum 12 credits per semester).
  2. Recipients must be in good academic standing at Stockton with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  3. Recipients must have a proven interest in Hellenic Studies.


In addition to completing the application form, please be prepared to provide the following:

  1. Names of two faculty, preferably Stockton faculty, who can speak to your abilities;
  2. A copy of your current unofficial transcript;
  3. A typed essay approximately 250 words stating your proven interest in Hellenic Studies and your intended use if awarded a scholarship. Please include any relevant information about a program abroad (deadline, dates of program, website, etc.). Include any information you feel will help the FHS Scholarship Selection Committee make a decision concerning your qualifications as a recipient.

Unofficial Transcript: This can be obtained online from the Registration Tools box in the Student Services tab in goStockton or from the Office of Student Records (CC, Suite 203, M-F 9 AM – 5 PM).


Please note, as a recipient of a Hellenic Studies Scholarship you will be required to write an article detailing the outcome(s) of your project or program, provide a photograph or two of you working on your program/event, and speak at the Stockton Friends of Hellenic Studies Annual Scholarship Luncheon the following year. 

If you are awarded a scholarship but are unable to attend the program/event for any reason, your scholarship will be cancelled and all funds, if already dispersed, must be returned. A transcript or other official document proving that you have completed your program/event must be provided within 4 weeks of the end of the program/event.


The Hellenic Studies Scholarship Committee will begin reviewing application on March 18, 2024. Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Katherine Panagakos:

Hellenic Studies Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships are at the core of the efforts of the Friends of Hellenic Studies.  Over the years, tens of thousands of dollars have been given to help offset the cost of tuition, as well as send students abroad to Greece, Italy and Turkey.  The experiences give them unique advantages, and spur them on to continuing studies.

In 2013, the Friends  granted nearly $20,000 in scholarships. In addition, fellows of The Examined Life program receive a total of $10,000. If scholarship and the realm of Hellenic Studies are important to you, please contact us at:

Below is an -as yet incomplete- list of scholarship recipients since 2001. Please note, some of the below were awarded more than once.


  • Jeffrey Cole
  • Victoria Conover
  • Katherine Devlin
  • George Plamantouras
  • Brian Pricksett
  • Cristina Sarkos


  • Ciara Barrick
  • Phillip Bennett
  • Maryse Biernat
  • Dione Carroll
  • Brantley Cesanek
  • George Christophi
  • Steven Coyne
  • Pizzimenti Cristen
  • Nicholas Czander
  • David Dertinger
  • Taylor DuBois
  • Eleni Ginis
  • Mattew Gustaven
  • Fotini Haralambus
  • Robynn Hecht
  • Kevin Hesson
  • Lillian Hussong
  • Victoria Lanzillotti
  • James Lowe
  • Zachary Masin
  • Brian Mason
  • Melissa McGeary
  • Melinda Metroka
  • Sidney Palatianos
  • Chelsea Quitter
  • Leticia Ramos
  • Micah Robbins
  • Kaitlin Smith
  • Rod Stearn
  • Paul Veiss
  • Erika Voorman


  • Jarec Ciocco


  • Debra Pantelaras