Global Partnerships & Research

Global Partnerships 

Stockton University is expanding its global network through its partnered institutions around the world.  We aim to develop sustainable and transformative international partnerships that bring reciprocal benefits to both partners.

By supporting our students and faculty to study, research, intern, or visit outside the U.S., building partnerships, and strengthening global and interdisciplinary professional development, we aim to position Stockton University in global networks of learning, discovery, and engagement.  


Stockton exchange students

(Photo above: Exchange students at Stockton)

Office of Global Engagement is excited to collaborate with Escuela Colombiana de Rehabilitación in Colombia to launch the Stockton-ECR Pen Pal Program. 

The Pen Pal program aims to create community while students are socially distanced; a way to connect with students from different regions around the world, expanding their professional network, while practicing their language skills and engage in cultural exchange.

The program will pair ECR and Stockton students as pen pals then both can decide how they'd like to communicate: writing letters, social media, emailing and/or video calls are some options. 

Stockton-ECR Pen Pal Program Brochure

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PenPal Flyer

Global Partnership Highlights

Knowledge that transcends borders: Stockton students collaborate with ECR students in Colombia

For more than two years, the Colombian School of Rehabilitation (ECR) has been carrying out various activities for the internationalization of the curriculum with Stockton University, such as Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) projects in Technology and Professional Affairs courses; activities have also been derived from the academic missions that Professor Victoria Schindler has led in the course of professional performance in mental health. 

In the process of professional training for students in the seventh semester, it is important to consolidate skills for professional reasoning, based on evidence-based practice. Megan Pappan (Stockton) and Kimberly Furphy (Stockton) collaborated with ECR professors to design and develop these innovative pedagogical practices in professional affairs and technology aspects. 

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Stockton students interacting with ECR students in Colombia


Global Partnerships Highlight

Multiple Components and Sustainablity of the Colombia Program (2015-2019)


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Dr. Victoria Schindler, Professor of Occupational Therapy, initatied Stockton's partnerships with Universidad del Rosario (Colombia) and Escuela Colombiana de Rehabilitación (Colombia) in 2015.
Since then, students in various programs, including MSOT, DPT, MSCD, Nursing, BSHS, PUBH and LCST/Spanish, visitied Colombia, and Colombian students studies at Stockton as well. 
Strengthening students and faculty's acdemic, clinical, and cultural competence, this partnership further leads to a variety of research projects, presentations, publications, and opportunities. 

Please contact Dr. Victoria Schindler for more details.