Wood Engravers Exhibition

Galloway, N.J.  - Stockton University Art Gallery is hosting the “Wood Engravers’ Network: 4th Triennial” through April 5 in the upper L-wing art gallery.

Professor Michael McGarvey will give a walking tour of the exhibition from 12-1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 10. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

wood-engraving-springThe Fourth Triennial Exhibition, sponsored by the  Wood Engravers’ Network (WEN) features 65 contemporary relief engravings representing an international group of artists from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States.

Wood engraving is a unique mash-up of metal engraving and relief printing where an original drawing is cut into the surface of an endgrain wood block with the same tools that metal engravers use (burins). The cut block is inked and pressure is applied to transfer ink to paper as a mirror reflected image. The prints are multiple originals created in limited editions - not reproductions or digital creations - offering an affordable  entry into collecting original and unique works of art.

The Wood Engravers’ Network (WEN) is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the advancement of wood engraving arts and committed to furthering public recognition and appreciation of the art of wood engraving, its practice and history as art, illustration, graphic design, and printing. Its goals are to provide educational and exhibition opportunities and increased public access to this historic process.

Exhibiting artists include:

wood engraving bicycleMaria Arang

o Diener (US-NV), Michael Atkin (UK), Wesley Bates (CAN), Dillon Bennett (US-WA), Nancy Bittner (US-NM), Kimberly Brandel (US-ID), Deborahmae Broad (US- MN), Jan Brown (UK), Jody Bruns (US-IN), Stacie Leigh Bumgarner (US-PA), John Center (US-IL), Evan Charney (US_MA), Rebecca Coleman (UK), Paul Constance (US- VA), George Dirolf (US-NY), Tony Drehfal (US-WI), Colleen Dwire (US-CA), Claire Emery (US-MT), Andy English (UK), Leslie Evans (US-MA), Cynthia Ford (US-MI), Reinis Gailitis (LAT), Rebecca Gilbert (US-PA), Allan Greenier (US-CT), Rossitza Hadzhiera (BUL), R.P. Hale (US-NH), Gwen Heffner (US-KY), Jon Hinkel (US-MN), Mirka Hokkanen (FIN), James Horton (US-MI), Judith Jaidinger, (US-IL), Jim Jereb (US- WY), Lawrence Keaty (TAI), Dale Kennedy (US-MN), Julie Kirihara (US-MN), Cindy Koopman (US-MN), Laura Ladendorf (US-NC), Channing Lefebvre (US-NY), Susan Mannion (IRE), Michael McGarvey (US-NJ), John McWilliams (US-SC), Judith Moldenhauer (US-MI), Carl Montford (US-WA), Andrew Moroz (US-PA), David Moyer (US-PA), Eric woodpeckerMummery (CAN), William Andrew Myers (US-MN), Terry Norvell (US- KY), Neil Peck (US-WA), Sylvia Pixley (US-MI), Scott Ponemone (US-MD), Sylvia Portillo (US-WA), Joanne Price (US-KY), Arkady Pugachevsky (LAT), Gennady Pugachevsky (LAT), Abigail Rorer (US-MA), Keri Safranski (US-IN), Anders Sandstrom (US-IN), Maggie Storm (UK), Marsha Sweet (US-OH), James Todd (US-MT), Nikki Vahle-Schneider (US-MN), Manuel Vermiere (BEL), Richard Wagener (US-CA), and Donna Westerman (US-CA).

Jurors: Tracy Honn, printing history educator, curator, and letterpress printer living in Madison, WI and Jim Moran, manager, and master printer at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.

Art gallery hours: Monday – Saturday 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.  and Sunday 12 -4:00 p. m. A virtual parking permit is required weekdays before 3:30pm. Visit www.stockton.edu/parking.

Masks are mandatory inside the buildings. (Note: the university is closed March 12-20 for spring break.)

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Contact: Denise McGarvey, Exhibition Coordinator