Sugarbush Saturdays

aaron stoler

Galloway, N.J. – The Stockton University Maple Grant Team will host a series of family-friendly outdoor events at the university’s maple sugarbush on Saturdays in May through August.

Sugarbush Saturdays will highlight the work of the team, which is using a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to promote and study the potential for maple syrup production in and around South Jersey. The group this year tapped almost 100 trees at the sugarbush on the Stockton campus and partnered with area landowners to assist them in tapping their own trees.

All events are free and open to the public. Parking is available in Lot 1. Masks will be required based on current state guidelines. Email for more details. Learn more at

May 1, 1 p.m.:  Fairy Hunt

Did you know that fairies and gnomes love maple syrup as much as we do? Come join us as we search for all the magical creatures that live in the forest! This will be a hike through the woods with fairies starting at the maple grove. Maximum hiking length will be 1 mile over easy terrain. Ticks might be present; wear bug spray and appropriate clothing.

May 22, 11 a.m. : Adopt a Tree

Don’t have your own maple to tap? Adopt a tree in our maple grove! We invite you to choose a tree that you will tap before the sap flow. You can collect all or some of the sap and keep it for your own syrup-making! To guard over the tree and help you remember which tree is yours, you will be able to paint a ceramic fairy, gnome, or frog statue that will sit at the base of the tree. We will also teach you about caring for the trees and why trees are important. All are welcome; children must be accompanied by a guardian.

June 5, 11 a.m.: Children’s Sing-A-Long

Legend has it that if you sing to a maple tree, the syrup will be even sweeter!  Come join us for a children’s sing-a-long in the maple grove as we sing well-loved songs about the forest and original songs all about maple.  Most of all, just come enjoy the magic of singing in a fairy forest wonderland.  We’ve been told that the fairies may show up…and they’ll be bringing the famous maple cookies. Wear clothing suitable for the woods in summer; this includes bug spray!

June 19, 11 a.m.: Story Time in the Maple Grove

Have you ever wondered how maple syrup was discovered? Do bears actually prefer syrup to honey? Who is a red maple tree’s best friend? The answers to all these questions can be found in the legends and stories about maple syrup. Join the Garden State Story Tellers league as they share wonderful legends and children’s stories all about maple syrup!  This event is great for all ages, and if you get hungry hearing about maple syrup…cookies will be served!

June 26, 11 a.m.: Craft Day

Come join us for a craft day in the maple grove.  We’ll be making swamp monster puppets and hosting boat races in our creek!  Make sure you wear boots and bug spray!!

July 10, 11 a.m.: Wood Working Demonstration

Woodworking is an art form that teaches us that a tree keeps on giving. Join us in the maple grove for an event that showcases beautiful woodworking projects and discusses basic woodworking techniques. Small woodworking projects will be available for the kids and the kid-at-heart! Bring a pair of work gloves and wear bug spray in our summer woods!

July 31, 11 a.m.: Craft Day

Ever wish you could enjoy the forest in your bedroom? Well, you can! Join us in making moss and lichen terrariums. Moss and lichen are essential parts of any forest and they are easy to keep alive in your own home. We will teach you a bit about forests and give you a microscopic view of the forest floor!

August 14: Maple Syrup Workshop (For Adults) TBA

Register for a workshop all about maple sugaring.  Join a group of Stockton faculty for a day of learning about all things maple.  Our maple team will provide information about the history, science, economics and process of sapping. The workshop is free and tapping supplies with be given to participants.  Come prepared for this outside event. Don’t forget to wear boots and bug spray!

August 28, 11 a.m. Craft Day

As the summer comes to a close, take some time as a family to enjoy the maple grove!  We will be hosting a craft day full of fun projects using your forest foraging skills. Come reconnect with friends you have met throughout the summer.  The forest fairies have promised to show up! Wear boots and bug spray!  It’s still summer…and those pesky ticks are still around.  We’ll have cookies and drinks too!